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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by captnroger, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Can anyone recommend a product to kill the weed that doesn't kill everything else around it? I've got some growing pretty bad in the side of my yard, and it's in with a bunch of ground ivy that I don't want to kill. The only stuff I can find kills everything! Thanks.
  2. I've got some that is growing up the side of the barn that is impervious to any thing known to man!!!!I have poured rock salt, even used farm strength Roundup and AMD from Tractor supply and this stuff thrives!!!!Finally took backhoe and dug it out and put it in the woods!!You know what??It's back!!!!noticed small starts along the wall!!!!the roots of it must go down at least 3 ft.?????If you have any luck pass on the info!!!!!I'll do my best to kill at least a small bunch in Coshocton cty!!!This stuff is what scary movies and alien invaders come from ---lol!!! good luck Capt.!!!

  3. I used a very strong solution of Roundup concetrate and got rid of it. I just carefully applied it to each leaf using a sponge type paint brush attached to an extension pole.. Took some time but didn't kill any good stuff and the PI is GONE. :) DO NOT cut it back and then only apply it to a few leaves. Better to kill the roots than trying to dig it out as the smallest amount of living root will start up over again.
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    Use A Product Called Crossbow Or Torodon. You Can Get It At Farm Elevators That Sell Farm Chemicals. It Wont Come Back After You Use One Of These Products. Dande
  5. Torodon works good. I also use roundup concentrate just instead of mixing with water I mix it with karosene. I do not know of anything that would kill it that would not kill the other vine though. You can cut the poison ivy vine at the root and when it dies pull it out.
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    round up will work but be carefull with it . i had ivy climbing a 25' pine tree in the back yard and i used it to get rid of the ivy. i now have to cut that tree out cause it is brown and looks funny in a row of green ones.

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    Another option is to get a pair of good rubber gloves that you would wash dishes with. Apply concentrate Roundup or the other chemicals listed aboved to the gloves. Grasp the poison ivy and rub on the chemical. As long as you only touch the PI, it should do the trick. I use this trick for stalks of grass that grow in the middle of bushes and flowers. Works like a charm. You'll soon figure out how much it'll take to get the job done.
  8. Just remember, poison ivy will still cause a rash for a good while after it's dead. A couple years is what I've read.