Speaking of OGF stickers...!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Hook N Book, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Hook N Book

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    Why don't I see any in SW Ohio....? Other than the two stickers I have, I've never, ever, seen one around here. :confused:
    The Boat show (a Hart production) in Cincinnati draws thousands of people from a three state area....(that would be a hint)...! :rolleyes: ;)

    Just wondering. :D
  2. IF they were FREE you;d see more of them .I:m sure . I think there four bucks each .

  3. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Alright, I'll just come out and say it. I really think that there needs to be a better effort in promoting in this part of the state. I've seen unbelieveable growth with this site but sadly it hasn't been in the SW. Attribute it to Erie or other inland lakes that might be better fishery's but the fact is, the SW is untapped by the P.T.B...! :confused:

  4. Preach on, preacher man..........

    I agree with this, I would PROUDLY display an OGF sticker on my truck if I didn't have to pay for one............

    Hence the BBC sticker I've currently got on the back window of my truck.......no offense to the powers that be at OGF.........
  5. Gju42486

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    well said, i couldnt agree more.
  6. please don't get this/take this the wrong way.......please...........but I personally can't justify paying money for stickers, to help promote a site??

    I mean, this is free advertisement for OGF - and I'm not bashing in any way, shape or form, and realize that this site is free........but still. I again, would proudly display an OGF sticker if one was sent to me.

    Not to compare, but I got 3 BBC stickers by mearly mentioning that I would like to have them for my boat, and both cars.............and that site is free too.
  7. Thanks to everyone for flying the OGF flags and prominently posting your stickers. We really do appreciate the support, and it goes a long way to keeping OGF a free site for all outdoors-folks.

  8. I could be way off base here - so please correct me if I am, but don't sponsors pay a fee to advertise on here? and that money is used to help keep this wonderful site up and running, right??

    Like I said above, I can't justify paying to help promote - in fact, any other situation it would be the opposite. If the company you worked for requested that you put a company sticker or magnet or whatever on your personal vehicle and pay them for them, would you?? The answer is NO - but you would if they PAID you a fee to do so, right???

    Like I said before - I would PROUDLY display an OGF sticker if one was given to me........but I can't justify buying one, however small the fee. This is just my opinion and please respect that.

    thank you.
  9. I've got one and I live in SW Ohio. If you ever frequent CC during fishing times, you'll see mine on my truck in the lot. It's usually one of the first in the lot in the mornings on weekends or evenings during the week. I wore the hat for a while too...until it was used up on luck. They are seen, I think the majority of folks who notice them are ones who frequent the site though.

    Skarfer, if you don't want to buy one, it's your choice. No one cares if you don't. Like Carl said, the money helps keep the site up. I chose to buy one to help ensure the site I frequent stays up and running. If you don't care if the site stays afloat (pardon the use of nautical terms), do what you want.
  10. The rates we charge here to advertise, especially for the traffic, are minimal. ALL the funds go back into the site and its events from the Crappie Open, the Member Appreciation Outing, The Vermilion Hawgfest, and many others.

    I wasn't ripping you in any way for not purchasing a sticker, it's your choice not to, and that's fine with me. I was simply thanking those who have and do represent the site through their purchases. And I can tell you with no reservations, it does go back into the site and its events.

    I wish we were at a point where we could give stickers and gear away. It would be great. But, we're not there yet. Maybe, someday...
  11. ezbite

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    $4.00 each x's 10,000 plus members= humm, $40,000.00 in free stickers. ive spent thousands upon thousands of duckies on my gear and boat.. i can spare $8.00 for a few stickers:D just my opinion on it:)
  12. Gju42486

    Gju42486 Banned

    exactly, $12 in stickers and $30 in t-shirts= $42 of some of the best money i have spent on fishing. In my opinion, im just giving back what this site has gave me, whether it all of the usefull knowledge i have learned and shared, the awesome people i have met and fished with, and some of the good times had at the local hangouts with fellow members. I am more than happy to "pay my dues" back to an awesome site like this and help the men and women behind the scenes that make this sight work and those whose sacrifice their own fishing time so we can enjoy what we love, particularly those involved with the hawgfest and other events put on by OGF.
  13. Not trying to hijack the thread, but just remember what happened to the "old" site. The dumb*ss owner Erich, "Bass Hunter" (hitler) decided everyone needed to pay an annual fee to access the site. That went over like a turd in the punchbowl. Trust me, buy the stickers.

  14. ezbite said it perfectly! theres 10,000 members no way they'd be able to do that.. i dont mind spended a few bucks on my stickers and hat..its also helped me meet some of the great people here at OGF out on the water..well worth it! IMO
  15. then the smart thing to do is to give stickers to active members - say, after however many posts.

    4 dollars for a stickers is silly.
  16. How many lures do you break off at $4.00+ a piece? At least the sticker is permanent.

  17. You know what, maybe I shouldn't have voiced my OPINION - or said "please don't take this the wrong way" so many times........because I forgot no matter what you say or how you say it, there's still jackazzes like you around that'll still act like a jerk.

    Carl - I understand what you're saying, and hope that one day this site can afford to give stickers out.......that would mean this site is a self-sufficient, self functioning, successful site........not that it isn't already.

    Just because I choose not to buy a sticker - that doesn't mean I don't support this site. Quite the opposite. I tell everyone I know about this site and talk about it all the time. I bought my 4-wheeler trailer from a member of this site, I referred a buddy (who bought) a crossbow from a member of this site............so to say I don't "support" this site just because I choose not to buy a sticker - is ridiculous.

    Amorican - you are exactly right......and thank you for that. By the way - last time I checked, everyone is entitled to their opinions........right?
  18. mirrocraft mike

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    I got no problem with paying 4$ a sticker. These folks run a great site and i enjoy reading it everyday. The stuff we buy helps support the site, and events they put on. I'm SURE NO ONE is making a profit off these sales.This site is totally free and the events are free also .No one should be expecting anything else for free. Sorry just my personal feelings
  19. funny you say that because that's the first thing i thought of. if & when i have 4 dollars to throw away on fishing - it's gonna be towards a lure. not a sticker.

    4 dollars is 4 dollars...i know i'm not the only one with a wife & kids at home who has to watch their $$$ when it comes to this hobby. nothing is worse than that eye-roll from the wife when you say 'headin' up to gander, be right back' :p

    that's right, brudda.
  20. Guys, guys, there's no need to get upset over this. :) No one is saying anyone is wrong in their opinion of not purchasing stickers. It's your choice not to, just as it's some folks choice to visit here not register. It's OK with me. (my opinion)

    We do give some freebies away at our member outing, among other places, plus if you're picked as "Angler of the Month", and I know I've given several hats away, it does happen.