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  1. Great forum guys. I just joined 5 minutes ago. I have a group of 12 guys who travel every year for the past 15 years. We target big pike. We are going to nipissing in the first week of August next year but we do not know much about the lake. We have narrowed it down to West Arm, West Bay, and possibly the French River (although we haven't heard great things about the french river lately). I was hoping some of you who have experience up there might be able to provide some information on the fishing in each of those three areas and also at that time of year. Any and all info would be helpful.

    In addition, we are currently looking at Memquisit and Lokair Lodges. Any others we should be considering. For anyone who has been to the French river in early August, what are your thoughts on the fishing their this time of year?
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    See my post I responded too you there. PS stay away form West Arm Lodge nothing crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!