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    been readin alot of articles on this latley
    Please attend the March 3rd Ohio EPA Public Meeting on the Great Lakes largest fish killing plant

    Click OEPA Public Notice: http://westernlakeerie.org/bayshoire_fish_kill_public_notice0209.doc

    Click here for the meeting flier: http://westernlakeerie.org/fish_kill_flier_10_0209.pdf

    Click here to take action on Sierra web site: http://ohio.sierraclub.org/takeaction/index.html Select protect Lake Erie from Coal Fired Power Plant

    Click here for the company summary fish kill information: http://westernlakeerie.org/bayshore_kinectrics_sum_info.pdf

    For detailed reports and additional information go to westernlakeerie.org

    It seems that if you fish in Ohio , you need a license and you have to abide by the rules…or get your license taken away, fines, or….jail But if you are the Bayshore First Energy power plant, you can kill as many fish as you want, pay nothing and have no rules… Consider the following from: Bayshore plant is the largest fish killing plant in Great Lakes. 2005/2006 company reports show 46 million fish/yr caught against the screens & 2 billion fish thru the screens; Bayshore uses 650 million gallons of water/ day and heats the water 3-14 degrees Fahrenheit; it is said that Bayshore kills more fish than all ODNR fish hatcheries produce at a cost of $2.5 million; Bayshore kills more fish than all the other power plants in Ohio combined; Bayshore kills walleye when the Army Corps is not allowed to dredge & anglers are limited during the spawning season in March/April; Bayshore’s intake and outfall are separated by the ½ mile by one mile Army Corps Dredge disposal facility which reduces the ability of the fish to escape from the intake; Bayshore plant studies show that 77,812 walleye are caught against the screens, 663,715 juvenile walleye go thru the screens, and 8.2 million larval walleye go thru the screens. In addition 123,405 yellow perch are caught against the screens, 1.3 million juvenile yellow perch go through the screens a and 3.1 larval yellow perch go thru the screens

    Bayshore needs to put money in a trust fund to bring fish back to Lucas County waters and put in a cooling tower. Allowing ongoing fish kills at the Bayshore plant in the Western Lake Erie Watershed reduces walleye, yellow perch, bass and other fish. Genetic studies show that walleye from Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron migrate to the Maumee River in the spring to spawn. The Bayshore plant is located at the mouth of the Maumee River where the fish move in and out of.

    Please attend the March 3rd meeting – write a letter – make a phone call and ask that the fish kills be reduced – a cooling tower is needed. Until the cooling tower is installed, Bayshore pays just like anyone else for the fish they wrongfully kill.

    This is an important issue for all the Great Lakes. Fish are an important economic resource and important for the ecosystem.. Please contact Governor Strickland at: sam.auld@governor.ohio.gov.or call 614-466-3555 and/or call OEPA Director Chris Korleski at chris.korleski@epa.state.oh.us or call 614-644-2782

    Sandy Bihn

    Western Lake Erie - Great Lakes Warmest, Shallowest, Fishiest Waters
    Sandy Bihn
    Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper
    Western Lake Erie Association
    6565 Bayshore
    Oregon, Ohio 43618
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    Sounds like they need to re-tool their intake.

  3. Ive been reading a lot about this issue in the past year, just seems to me like fixing this would be in everyones best interest. With the immediate and future jobs that could result from taking care of this problem, seems to me like this would be a good canidate for economic stimulus money . Everyone would benefit from it .Construction , commercial and sport fisheries , FirstEnergy, and every city and town surrounding Erie from sales taxes ! someone invite the Pres. to a charter trip and walleye dinner !
  4. 25% of all North American industry is located on or near the great lakes, all which are drained by the St. Lawrence River. A quote form Winona Laduke, “The fish of the Great lakes are laced with mercury from industrial pants, and fluoride from aluminum plants poisons the land and the people, Sewage from the population centers is mixed with PCBs and PBS in the watershed of the great lakes and the Finger Lakes, and the water is virtually nowhere safe for any living creature”.