Spankees lose

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  1. Cleveland hit 4 homers on their way to crushing the Spankees 12-3 proving that $194,663,079 isnt enough to buy you a October win in Cleveland.
  2. I will wait to do my trash talking until the Tribe finishes them off.;) Last night was a great start to what I hope is a strong Tribe win over the Yanks. I like our pitching matchups better and better as we go down the starting rotation. However, the Yankees have some major sticks in their lineup and things could go just as big the other way if they find a hot night.

    Come on Fausto. Get number 2 tonight!!!

  3. The Big Boy got out of some real jambs in the 1st and the 5th last night! Except for a couple of the Yankees, it looked like they were ready to go play some golf! :p

    You wonder how the matchups will shake out over the next few games. The Yanks have a TON of Postseason veteran pitching experience-but one of the reasons is because they are all old!:D

  4. That was my thoughts as well.;) Pettitte has been a very good playoff pitcher over his career and he has pretty good numbers this season. I think this matchup is the most favorable of any for the Yanks throughout and not by a lot against a very good Carmona. Clemens goes in Game 3. He is not the Clemens that he used to be and he has never really been viewed as a good post-season pitcher. I would like to see him get shelled hard Sunday. Mussina also is not the same pitcher that he was in his prime either. I think if the Tribe can hold them down to 3-5 runs a game they have a good shot at taking the series...provided the Indians sticks don't go cold on them.;)
  5. couldn't be happier about the Indians clobbering the Yanks, now just two games to go.
  6. Well being from NY I was pretty dissapointed in the no show from the Yanks. But in no way am I despairing. Pettitte will be solid tonight, you know what you will get from him. All we need from Clemens is a 5-6 good innings. There is no way Moose will be out there in game 4, it will be Wang on short rest. And don't let last night fool you either - Wang is an ace, he just has a bad night - alright, a really bad night. Our pen is lights out if we can get to them, so the Tribe has to put some runs on the board early and keep our bats silent. A pretty tough task I think. I said it before the series and I still think Yanks in 5.

    Here's some useless info: The Yanks have lost the last 3 ALDS series in which they won game 1 , and have won the last 5 ALDS series in which they lost game 1.
  7. Clemens is out and the Yanks are going to lose.
  8. Oh how I wish you were right.:mad: I guess the Yanks have a bit of spunk left in them. Hopefully we can take the rest of their spirit away tonight and close it out.;)
  9. Just delaying the inevitable. It looks like a Boston and Cleveland series. Tall order for the Indians, but if their pitching holds up they will win.

  10. Don't be so sure. What exactly about this matchup makes you feel good about tonight's game? Wang's sinker was hanging in game 1. Don't think you'll see that again tonight. And Andy will be set to work game 5. The Tribe is making a mistake by not throwing Sabathia and Cormona in games 4 and 5. I know they are looking ahead to Boston, but there is a good chance they can blow it in this series still. The bats are alive and our ace is on the hill. It should be a good game.
  11. Ace....Andy problem..........Cleveland's offense has been due to hit Petit all season long and tonight is the payback. Byrd is not too shaby himself his WHIP is like 1.39 and that is not bad at all. Petit's whip is 1.43 not a great difference. I look for Cleveland to hit early and often.
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    Wang is on the hill for the Yanks tonight (game 4), Pettite will be for game 5 (if necessary). Let's hope it's not necessary.;)
  13. My bad! I thought Petite was on the mound tonight. Yeah, Wang's whip is like 1.29 (near Fausto's). Although over time the Indians have hit him decently 1.50 whip, and a 3.72 ERA. Coincidently Byrd and Wang carreer against the Yankees and Indians respectively have been a pretty even match. I know that the carreer numbers are misleading, but past stats. are all we have to make judgments about the future. I predict a tight game with some late action as the bullpen's get involved, but still the Indians win.
  14. The..........Yankees lose! The............Yankees lose! Still a decent game with enough drama late in the game to keep you going.
  15. Wang was terrible - he basically lost the series for us. But there's always excuses. Nothing left to do then tip your cap and root real hard that the Tribe takes down the Bosox. Good luck.
  16. I figured the Tribe would win this series due to the fact that the Yankees haven't played well in the playoffs for some time now. I will admit that I am a little concerned about the Sox.

    Go TRIBE!
  17. Anybody in their right mind would be concerned with them. I believe they are the strongest opponent on paper and based on the results of the season. That is not to say that the NL teams are not going to be formidable opponents which I am sure they will be. I just think Boston has a great mix of superb pitching with great hitting. It will be a challenge but I really am looking forward to it.

    Go Tribe!!!
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  18. The Indians at their best will give the Sox a good run and may win the series. At their best they need all of their pitchers to be as advertised and their offense to be clutch (like they have been; even with 2 outs). With these caveats the series should be one heck of a battle.
  19. Should be a great matchup. Beckett basically owns the Indians hitters and they will face him 2x, but I think as a team their approach at the plate was entirely different (better) in the ALDS than at times during the regular season. The combined BA with RISP (especially with 2 out) was unreal! Hopefully that will continue against the Red Sox.