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Great Miami River and Twin Creek (Montgomery and Warren counties) – Rock bass and smallmouth bass are being caught by anglers using small crayfish colored crankbaits or watermelon or pumpkinseed colored tubes or twister tails. Cast into the areas below the riffles allowing the bait to drift with the current. Flathead catfish are being caught in the Great Miami River near the Miamisburg and West Carrollton areas. Use large chubs, suckers, or goldfish as bait and fish the bait across shallow gravel or sand flat areas. Fishing has been productive a little before dark and up to a few hours after. Fishing has been good near the old spillway in West Carrollton. Saugeye are being caught by anglers using three to five feet deep jerk baits. The best time to fish is right after dark. Channel catfish are being caught by anglers using night crawlers and chubs. Fish the bait on the bottom in the deeper pools or with live baits let the bait drift into the riffles and then into the deeper holes where the water is about three to five feet deep.

Loramie Lake (Shelby County) – Channel and bullhead catfish are being caught by anglers using chicken livers, cut bait, shrimp, and earthworms as bait. Cast from the shoreline and into areas with deep slow moving pools or into channels. Fish the bait under a bobber, keeping the bait between three to six feet deep. Anglers are catching largemouth bass using crankbaits, spinner baits, small top-water lures, or surface lures. Keep the bait about four to six feet deep and along the rocky bottom areas near woody debris. Successful anglers are using the Rapala floating minnow lure.

Grand Lake St Marys (Auglaize and Mercer counties) – Channel catfish are being caught using shrimp, cut shad and night crawlers on bottom. Fish off the rocks along the east and south bank shorelines. Anglers are also catching bluegill on wax worms and small jigs near the handicap accessible pool on the east bank. Crappie fishing has slowed down a bit but a few nice sized fish are being taken by successful anglers. Try using small jigs with plastic bodies in 12 to 14 inches of water around submerged brush and rocky areas. Walleye are being caught in the spillway.
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