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  1. Gravel Pit fishing from years ago is probably the foremost reason I became an avid angler & puchased a couple of boats. I used to fish Newtown & Camp Dennison (Indian Hills area) religiously. Since then, tresspassing signs & sherriffs have thrown a bolt into my gears.
    Are there many accessible & legal gravel pits left to freely fish? Where are they? Are permits/fishing licenses required? Is there any parking area? Can they be fished at night?

    I'm hurting pretty bad for a quality pit.
  2. good luck, i even do work for alot of mining operations and they wont even grant me permission even if i was to do it during my lunch period while on the job site, i asked why and the explanation i got was insurance insurance insurance, and some of the places ive done work at i have seen some monster fish in and would love to wet a line in.

  3. It's a shame that these are no longer available for the public. I used to fish the Dravo ponds near newtown quite a bit in the 80s. Lots of nice crappie, bluegill and real big bass. It's actually the only place in Ohio that I witnessed true 10lb+ largemouths caught by others. 5lb-class largemouths were not uncommon and very willing to crush a chrome rattletrap. The last time I was in the area I noticed the no trespassing signs and it looked like a ski-club took it over, combining some of the ponds into one big one.

    The pond behind the businesses on round bottom road seems to remain unchanged. Any public access on that one? It used to have some very large bluegills available in the deeper water.
  4. years ago you could stop by the office and purchase a fishing pass for those lake. not sure if they still do that anymore.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies so far. So, it seems to primarily be a liability issue. I can understand that; however, I heard that camp dennison will be opening for Indian Hills residents only! Any truth to it being turned into some type of restricted camping ground? I'll keep snooping & hoping for some loophole to access those monster fish.
  6. The Camp Dennison pit was purchased by the Village about 5 years ago and it is a private lake only now. Residents only I mean. They have built a lodge and parking lots but if you dont live there or know someone who does your out of luck they patrol it like crazy both by boat and land
  7. AEP (Ohio Power) has more than enough strip pits to satisfy all your gravel pit fishing needs. Depending on where you live it may be a long drive but the fishing is well worth it. I know if it wasn't a two and a half hour drive I would go there a lot more often. The fishing is excellent in some of those pits.
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    you may want to check with sand & gravel companies in your area.... I know here in springfield you are able to get permission from the office at the sand & gravel site for a nominal fee and fish it anytime you want then
  9. I guess I'll just have to canvas the Camp Dennison area for a friend because the fishing is excellent there.
  10. Here is the deal. Indian Hill bought the lake a a back up water supply for their drinking water and anyone who gets there water from IH can fish the lake with a free permit. This would include people from IH, Terrace park and maderia to my knowledge. i live in TP and fish the lake all the time it has great bass, crappie and bluegill fishing. if anyone out there has a small boat with a trolling motor i may be convinced to take them out for day.
  11. Steel Cranium,
    I am a former Dravo Employee! And even worked there when Martin Marrietta took over. I caught several bass over 7 lbs and even one blue gill that would of broken the state record but didnt submit it due to fear of lossing my job and prosecution! I ran the dredge on second shift had plenty of good nights of fishing! Those were the days!
  12. Hamilton county is operating a gravel pit near Harrison as a park. It's on the other side of the world from you people on the east side. Nice parking spot, easy access, and a stocking program. There are rules, so check their website.

    You'll need a passport and shoes when crossing over I-75 (the dividing line between east and west)
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    hey lmrcatman is the fishing good from the bank at grand valley? Or can I launch a tracker bass boat & use my trolling motor?
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  16. if anyone out there has a small boat with a trolling motor i may be convinced to take them out for day.[/QUOTE]

    i would love to take you up on that offer next month. I've got a 12 ft v-bottom jonboat that doesn't get much action.
  17. I was trying to quote the LMRcatman.
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    Steel Cranium and ScottB - nice to see some fellow Stern Fans out there! Gotta love Artie!
  19. I have always wondered about the pits south of it looks like some nice water off of Rt 4 but I have never seen anyone out there.

    I heard all kinds of stories about the monsters that live in the gravel pits down in Camden (close to Acton lake) and it was always a no fishing thing that was never really enforced, until a family ( i think a dad, mom and child) drown - it was a pretty sad thing - one fell in, the other two went in can guess the rest....from all i have heard it is because the water is so deep and cold it is hard to get out if you fall in. The are pretty hard core about the no tresspassing around it now.
  20. gravel pits down in Camden...until a family ( i think a dad, mom and child) drown ....from all i have heard it is because the water is so deep and cold it is hard to get out if you fall in. The are pretty hard core about the no tresspassing.[/QUOTE]

    I've lways wondered just how deep are some of our area gravel pits such as Newtown, Campbell, Marsh, & Dennison?:C