southwest columbus area

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  1. I live in grove city now and was wondering what bodies of water are around. I always have fished near delaware but with the cost of gas I am looking for something closer.
  2. griggs, deercreek, scioto, darby, big walnut, darby bends lakes, lake osprey

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    Dan seemed to cover all of them...LOL
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    Try Prairie Oaks Metro Park. It is west of Hilliard and has pretty decent Bass and Crappie. Check out the Columbus Metro Parks website for directions. It is off Amity Rd north of I-70.
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    Keep up the good work Dan, haha. Yeah, those are all highly productive.
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    nice list Danshady. I would add Madison Lake to that, and I'm not sure distance, but how about the State park near Circleville...AG Marion?
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    Might I ask what your target species are? It may be easier to direct you to a location after knowing that.
  8. Does any of these places have eyes? Or even crappie?

    I was not able to find big walnut and AG Marion.

    Edit: found griggs, by Dublin road.

    "Osprey Lake: Anglers can fish for catfish, bluegill and largemouth bass for free at this 14-acre pond."- Doesn't say anything about where it is...
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    Dan is the great sheppard for all the lost fishers. Lead them to the great promised waters Dan. :D ;)

  10. Mushi, I fish for bass, eyes, muski, trout and whatever else crosses my path. I have fished the scioto. I would like to try darby. I got no boat, i like to wade.
  11. Try A W Marion SP or Hargus Lake in Pickaway county/Circleville. There is a good thread on wading/fishing Big Walnut Creek about a month ago--check that.