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  1. What other species (other than cats and carp) can be caught with some level of consistency from say the 275 loop and south? Thanks
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    That's a tough portion of the river. I live in Cincy so it's also the closest for me. I have caught many sheephead there. I fished at Hamilton below the dam and caught a few sauger. I would imagine that the white bass and striper fishing is ok there as well. If you fish from the local parks leave before dark so your vehicle doesn't get locked in.

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    I grew up fishing the lower portion of the GMR, there are a lot of different species to catch there other than cat and carp. All 3 black bass species, hybrid stripers, white bass, sauger, etc. If you can catch it in the Ohio, you can catch it there as well...
  4. pretty much everything, you wont run into many esocids or bowfin, but because of the major influence of the ohio river in that portion of the gmr, you could pretty much catch anything. drum, sauger, cats, and white bass I think make up the largest proportion of the sportfish but there are lots of smallies around if you can find them.
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    Autogyro, please let me know how you did, if you fish there. I haven't had much luck. (I don't fish for cats). The one issue I have when I fish there is the water turbidity. The water is always stained. I will probably fish the lower GMR this winter to catch some keeper sauger.
  6. How is the saugeye fishing down here in the lower part of the GMR? I'm From the north strech of the GMR but currently studying at the University of Cincinnati. If it is anything like it is up north, the eyes should really start to turn on once the water cools a little more.
  7. I caught a saugeye over 20" last night. Also what appreared to be a walleye (no spots or blotches on dorsal w/ a greenish/gold tinge and white tipped tail). It was pretty nice as well, close to 20".

    The big story is what happened to my brand new-Lucky Craft Pointer-crankbait. I have wanted to throw one but they cost $15.99! I finaly broke down and bought one. On the third cast, what appeared to be a 10lb wiper, ate it, then immediately broke my line. My drag wasn't set for a fast run like that one. I know it was a wiper because of its intensity and the large silver football shaped flash at the surface. I quickly tied on a minnow rap and had another wiper flash on it but didn't hook up.

    There are lots of game fish in the lower GMR. Location, location, location.
  8. the saugeye and sauger are definetly turning on, caught one around 20" this morning some sauger and a few white bass and smallies mixed in. heres a pic of the eye[​IMG][​IMG]
  9. I too have suffered a similar loss of the Lucky Craft. It sucks to see a $16.00 bait go like that. I feel for your loss. If your like me you'll save up and buy again though. They are great baits.
  10. Thanks for the responses and help everyone. I like to put the catfish pole in and then use a lighter spinning rod to pitch around for the fish mentioned above while I wait for a cat bite. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't wasting my time. Sounds like I'm not. Just need to fish more. :)
  11. The suageye bite is really hot right now on the lower GMR. I couldn't bring myself to buy another Lucky, so I used an old Shad Rap #7 (shad color). I had the best saugeye outing ever. From 4:00 to 7:30pm. I caught 14. I got a 24", and a 21". The rest were in between 18" and 20" with one under 18". The 24 was a pig. I kept 6 for the table and checked their stomach contents. Every one had an empty stomach except one which had a 5" stoneroller bulging in it gut. I thought that was kind of odd.

    Also, I caught two flatheds, on the shad rap, believe it or not. One looked close to 20lbs. Snagged two channels, and hooked a huge fish that came unbuttoned after fighting it for 10 minutes. Oh yeah, three smallies, not to big. No wipers though.

    The only bad thing is that now I'm so inspired to fish that my studies are being neglected. And my bank account is ending up in the cash register at Bass Pro. I lost five crankbaits today! The bite was slow but stll caught three nice saugeyes and two small flatties. Get out there man. The fishing's good right now.
  12. Fished the GMR this morning from the banks (boat trailer under repair):confused: Fished below the WC dam from 8-10am and caught about 10 dink smallmouth. Went to the chitaqua dam for about another half hour and caught another 3 biggest about 12". Had to leave and go to work:(. Not a terrible morning. Better than being skunked. The river is as low as I have ever seen it. I wish we would get some rain.