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    I know there are some kayakers on the board but most that I know are up by the Columbus area. I'm considering getting one but I keep swinging back and forth. I can use it really heavy the next couple months in Colorado but as far as South West Ohio I'm really not sure when we move back. We're probably moving on the outskirts of Cinci.
  2. there is a realy nice 8 or 10 mile stretch of the GMR that starts about a mile below the last dam in Hamilton that is ideal for Kayaking. i have canoed it quite a bit and its a blast. pretty good current with some really hairy rapids in a few places, so hairy i didnt chance going through in the canoe (loaded down with camping/fishing equipment). i have a friend who has a personal boat ramp down there and last i heartd he was thinking of starting a livery there on his property.

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    Sorry I should be more specific. I'm thinking of getting a fishing kayak but don't want to get ran over by motor boats lol.
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    Zfish I know the LMR has got some great kayak/fishing areas. I'm considering a kayak as well, and the canoes and kayaks tab under the Boating section has a lot of guys who can help you.
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    If you browse around Riversmallies dot com, you'll find a ton of information. They have a forum category specifically for watercraft, mostly about canoes and kayaks. I am hoping to be able to buy a new SIK 10'er from Native this time next year.

    You can buy used and find one real cheap in good condition. In fact, if a guy wanted to he could probably find a decent yak for about 250-350. That would get you started. Lots of good smallie fishing on the rivers in Ohio especially when you use a yak to get away from the obvious spots near pull offs.

  6. I live about 5 minutes from LakeRaider's house on the west side of Cincinnati. I usually head into SE Indiana and fish the Whitewater River and the tributary creeks of the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Markland Dam.

    You can also fish from your own kayak/canoe in at least 3 of the Hamilton County Parks: Campbell Lakes, Winton Woods, and Miami Whitewater Forest.
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    Fishman.... You going to come over and visit the new place once we get one ?

    KenG, Do you usually boat fish, kayak or shore fish ? I don't think I've ever met up with you yet. When I'm in town I'm usually over at Raiders at least once a trip :)
  9. Zfish--- I switch hobbies every few years. Years ago I bass fished throughout SE Indiana. Then I switched to catfishing from a boat on the Ohio River for awhile. The boat broke down almost 2 years ago and I never got around to fixing it. I bought a canoe on a whim and used it twice before getting my SOT kayak. I use the kayak around here and its been to Florida twice and its going back down in May.

    Lately I've been thinking of consolidating the fleet and selling my two project boats and extra kayak and buying a 19-20' center console boat for saltwater and some river use.
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    Uh oh .... there goes the neighborhood!

    :D :D

    Look me up when your in town. Maybe we can FINALLY get out and do some fishin'

    As far as kayakin', the LMR has alot of nice spots. I have a few spots just minutes from my house.