south holston river??

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by riverKing, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I am heading down there this weekend(heading south sounded better than north) and was curious if any of you have fished it and had any input or opinions on the tailwater. I may also try the clinch or watauga while there. hopefully this trip brings up some of the big browns I'm hoping for!

  2. Hey man, call me I can hook you up, I have fished all 3 of them about 40 times and its where I learned how to "really" flyfish for trout. Basics are 7X, 12-15 ft leaders, good casts from along way off, bring lots of #22-26 midges and be prepared to get your arse handed to you, those little trout will be the most challenging youll ever cast too. Nymphing can be really good most of the time, Ill let you in on my rig that always takes some fish while nymphing. PM sent with phone #
  3. You have some great rivers listed right there. Go and have a blast.

    Go over to and look around there. Those guys are pretty cool and helpful.
  4. Yep! Never (yet) been to the Shop, but Matt & his Dad Rod are great people. My St Croix (pre IPC) 3 wt came from them. Not only do they have great buys, but they are as nice & honest as the day is long. If I ever get down there & want a guided trip for trout or smallies, I would consider NO ONE but them.
  5. I actually know a gentelman who went with matt on a trip the other week and landed a 28.5in brown, this was about 3 days after my friend and I decided that we would finally make the trip down there, that pretty much sealed the deal. I talk to matt earlier this week about conditions and such but over the phone with a shop only gets you so much info lol, I plan on stopping in while down there. and I have been refilling my tailwater box so I have a ton of midges down to #30! so I hope I dont get totally owned, the plan is big fish(in theory) on the edges of the day and then hopefully midging and scuding my way through smaller fish during the day. but with the reputation these fish have I may have my work cut out for me, but who cares I like a challenge and in the end I'm fishing. man I'm pumped!!