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south east ohio creek

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by peon, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. peon

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    just wanted to post about some good fishing me and buckeye tom did on a creek close to home .. not gonna post the name of the creek because i have had people rip my head off on this site for naming the creek and dont want trouble... we waded the creek yesterday from 5 pm - 8:30pm i got 15 fish and tom got 11.. smallies and rock bass on 4 inch zoom lizzards pumkin seed color.. some of the best fishing iv done in a while.. the water is down bad i couldnt belive how down it was... a big storm came in and as soon as the rain hit the fishing was ON!!! bam bam bam fish after fish.. the rain helped the bite big time but also made the water to muddy. tom got out of the water because of the storm but when he seen me catching fish he wasnt long to get back in.. we had 3 decent smallies biggest in th 2 lb range and tom had that one on 4 lb ice fishing line he had on his ultraligh ... that fish almost broke the pole and all lol... i wish we could have pics but nothing comes back not wet :( anyone know where to get a good small water proof tackle box???
  2. Wal-mart sells a water proof box in the camping section. Works great.

  3. A buddy of mine has family in southern ohio they fish these small unknown creeks all the time and slam fish, I talk to him and he says yeah my dad was down at so and so creek and got a mess of sauger or smallies, wipers you name it, when it on down there it sounds like you can almost throw a line anywhere and catch something.
  4. peon

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    you could throw a line anywhere and catch something when the water is up but when its down like it is now you find deeper water and you found fish....

    also i cant find a waterproof box at any walmarts.. i found some online but i want to give one a good look over before i buy one..
  5. Sky Pilot

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    Count yourselves fortunate, fellows, that you have living water to fish in.
    I'm originally from southern Perry County and too many of our waters there are sterile and red with acid mine drainage.
    In fairness, there are (or were) a number of strip mine pits that made excellent fishing, most of them in you-can't-get-there-from-here locations accessible only on foot!
  6. Peon, I was just in the walmart in Athens over the weekend and they have 2 different sizes in waterproof boxes. Just go into the camping section and they are hanging on the wall.