Source for Virgin Lacquer Thinner

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  1. I'm having trouble locating a place that sells virgin lacquer thinner. I've tried all of the local auto places as well as Walmart and a few hardware stores. Can anyone help me out?

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    Go to the local autobody places not auto stores like NAPA or Autozone.
    Places that sell bondo, lacquer thinner and self etching primers for the autobody guys that work on cars themselves.
    I know of one in my town but not PA.

  3. Have you tried Sherwin Williams?
  4. Lewzer

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    A. Sherwin-Williams

    - - (412) 362-5200 - More
    B. McNeilly Autobody Supply

    - - (412) 563-1960 - More
    C. Pittsburgh Steel Fastener Company

    - - (412) 363-3900 - More
    D. Don Allen Auto City

    - - (412) 681-4800 - 3 reviews
    E. WS Radcliffe Co

    - - (412) 241-0812 - More
    F. Weiss Norm Auto Service

    - - (412) 561-1955 - More
    G. Parts Department

    - - (412) 884-4344 - More
    H. Mosebach Manufacturing Co

    - - (412) 220-0200 - More
    I. Profesional Parts

    - - (412) 665-1111 - More
    J. Dave Smith Chevrolet

    - - (412) 244-1030 - More [​IMG] More results near Pittsburgh, PA »

    I don't know where you live so I assumed Pittsburgh
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  5. Thanks for the help, I'll get in touch with some of the places you listed and see what I can find. I was beginning to think I was crazy because all I got was a blank stare from the people I've talked to so far.

  6. I just talked to the guy at Sherwin Williams and he said they don't carry it- at least not around here. (south-central PA)
  7. Lewzer,

    Thanks man, I finally found a place. They are an hour away (I live in the middle of nowhere). But get this, THEY DELIVER! It's 11 bucks for a gallon and they deliver free of charge!!! If I wasn't on the phone with that lady and I was talking to her in person, I woulda hugged her.

    Now if I can just find a wide-mouth pickle jar...