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  1. I went outside at 12:30am to let my dogs do their thing for the last time befor sacking out. The dogs headed for the back of my property when all of a sudden a number of crows started cawing in a excited fashion from the front of the property and across the road, I have never heard crows cawing at night befor and wondered what set them off? The only thing I could think of was the possibility of an owl attacking one of the flock on the roost. Anybody have any other idea's or have you ever heard crows in the dead of night? The racket continued for about two minutes and then abruptly ended.
    It was too dark (no moonlight) to see if any of the crows were flying around but I doubt it as their calls sounded to remain in one area. Comments please.
  2. I've heard 'em at night. Anything that disturbs a scout crow will set all of them off. An owl, a raccoon, a strange bird in their roosting tree. They send out scout crows all around their roost to stand guard. It's neat to see crows settling in for the night. I don't know how they figure out who gets to stand watch, but they do it every time.

  3. maybe big foot checking things out? is the cat missing? here there a tasty treat for big foot . lol jim
  4. Even in the burbs the only thing I hear at night is police helicopters circling or kids out raising cain when they ought to be at home.
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    most likely it was a raccoon moving around in the tree that they're roosting in.
    or,it could have been my mother-in-law out for her evening stroll!:eek:
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    My vote is for some sleepy coon crawling up a tree.
    Had them try to raid a squirrel nest last spring at @ 11:00 at night.
    Was pretty weird hearing all the squirrel chatter that late! !#
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    you would have never heard it if you were sleeping like normal people,instead of up prowling around all hours of the night:p :rolleyes:

    btw,i read that when you posted it,cause i was up prowling around at all hours of the night:eek: :D
  8. Could be that there was some Prowler trying to catch the next days dinner. :rolleyes:
  9. ........bountyhunter....I heard they taste like chicken.........:confused:
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  10. In my time, I've eaten about as much crow as walleye, and yes, I'm glad it tastes like chicken!
    Shortie, could be one of your neighbors looking to catch some to eat?
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    Last month for a couple of weeks I had literally about a flock of 200 crows roosting in the big White Pines in front of my apartment and they would crow at all hours of the night. It was running out there at midnight and watching them all scatter into the night sky.
  12. call me crazy.....maybe coyote. saw several near the center of downtown Kent in the last yr.

    would lean more towards an owl.......but you might want to keep pets close and some other weapon (axe or bat) closer.....especially at night.
  13. Lewis


    Down in Cambridge right at the intersection of I-70 and Rt 209 is the largest Crow roost I have ever seen in my life.
    They roost there every evening.
    There has to be at least 10,000 Crows that roost near there.
    I spent an hour one evening at dusk and watched them arrive by the thousands from every direction.
    Its a sight to see.The trees are black with them.
  14. Lewis -- A few years back I was down in Cambridge working on I-70. We stayed at the motel that is closest to the crows roosting area.

    As you say, It is a sight to behold. Other than flocks of Redwing Blackbirds in the marshes of lake Erie, I have never seen so many birds in one spot, in my life.