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  1. I have two Sospenders World Class (automatic) inflatable life preservers that the wife and I absolutely love; however, I am having trouble finding re-arming kits for them all of a sudden. I need a 38 gram CO2 cartridge with 3/8" threads and can only find cartridges with 1/2" threads. I've tried Bass Pro and Cabella's and have not had any luck. I have the number for Stearns, but they are closed for the weekend already.

    Has anyone else run across this issue?
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    are they sospenders or stearns inflatable?the 2 are different. i know gander mtn sells the sospender and the arming kits for them. you might want to search ebay also.

  3. Gander Mountain. When I couldn't buy the correct re-arming kits from them last fall, I started hunting around...

    I used to think that Stearns and Sospenders were different, but if you go to the Sospenders website and click on the "Contact Us" tab, it lists the phone number and address for Stearns:


    I spent some time on the phone with Bass Pro, they were very helpful, and gave me the phone number of "Sporting Lives" - a company apparently affliated with Sospenders that manufactures the re-arming kits... The phone number has been disconneted! I found an e-mail address for them, we'll see if they respond...
  4. Had link to Eangler --- they don't sell sospenders any longer. --- Sorry
  5. Thanks - I followed the link and there was no way to buy them. I did find 4 on e-bay, but will follow up with Stearns / Sospenders on Monday - hopefully they will have the re-arming kits available for those who have 2003 PFD's.
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    YES I have the same problem I need the same one.
  7. I'll post what I find out on Monday once everyone is back working. Hopefully, Stearns will offer a conversion kit or have a way of providing the 3/8" threaded cartridges.