Sore arms today!

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  1. Got a call from Pymybob that an eastside trib was in good shape. No slush, and he said the fishing was on fire. I met him out there around 2, figured I would wait until the Browns crowd cleared things out. He was right, the fishing was fantastic. I only got 1 in the first hour or so, then we moved up to some skinnier water and it was on! We ended up with over 20 between the two of us. For the last half an hour before dark, I had a hit on almost every cast. Bob started off with eggs and picked a few, but jig and maggots were the choice today. Color did not matter at all. Pictures to come later from Bob's cell.
  2. Nice, sounds like a good day!

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    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    Way to go guys.

    I've gotta make a trip out east one of these days but I live so close to the Rock and know it so well that I just can't pass up being down in the valley in 5 minutes and on the water in 15. Yep, one of theses days.....
  4. The one thing Joel did not mention were the fished I lost which was another 8! All in all, it was a SPECTACULAR DAY!!! I have not had a day steelheading like this in years! Here are a couple pics. Sorry about the quality. I hate Joel's camera phone! Now my camera phone does a much better job - see second photo!


  5. Here's a couple more from my phone. I thought if I sent them to Bob's phone they'd be better. Guess not.

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Thanks for sharing the photos!!! Glad you guys got into them!!

  7. Very nice fish Archman, looks like you guys got into them good.
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    Nice fish guys keep up the good work
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    Way to go guys! The only thing missing was me!
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    Wow, dang... I spent the day on the rock to no avail lol.
  11. way to go guys ive had a few very good days out east lately too!!!!