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  1. I have been wanting to get into fly fishing for a while now. Lately I've been looking online and it seems to be a VERY expensive investment. I live in the northwest part of Ohio and I'm not sure if I will get the use out the equipment or not. I pretty much no nothing about it, can you fly fish on small lakes or reservoirs or are you limited to rivers and inlets to the larger lakes? Any advice would help. It sure looks like a great time, but I don't want to dive in bllind.


  2. when I was flyfishing, I bought most of my flies from this website:

    located in England but shipping is dirt cheap and fast. Faster than usps as I would get my flies in a few days.

    just like spin or baitcasting, you can spend anywheres from $30 on up.

    a good site for fly line is Some guys are purists and use only the most expensive but the fly is tied to the tippet, so I never spent alot on the flyline.

    For smallmouth I liked a 5/6wt setup.

    hope this helps.

  3. Sure you can use a fly rod anywhere really. Small lakes and ponds are alot of fun if there are panfish around you can throw small poppers etc. You can cast from the shore if you have to just watch behind you.
    Don't be intimidated by it if you have an interest just spend what you can afford and see if it's for you. I think it's a great way to fish. When you do catch your first fish on a fly rod it a great feeling and you just want to learn more. After a bit you start to figure out what works for you and what doesn't.
    Before I started fly fishing I always assumed it was an expensive, hoity toity rich guy thing but after getting out on the water with a fly rod you realize it's what it is, a way to catch fish and a very enjoyable's what you want it to be..There are alot of people on this board that are very helpful and have alot more experience than don't be afraid to ask any questions.
    you can find deals around...there might even be a fly shop around you that you never even knew about.
    Some advice I can give...your fly line turns over your leader and carries your fly. Not really purist just physics. Buy a decent flyline (not saying a top shelf ) but it will help you enjoy it a bit more.
    pm me if you had any questions and I'll answer them the best I can or direct to somehwhere that might.
    Good Luck,
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    you can fly fish cheaper. don't belive the 500 dollar rods and reels! well I am sure they are great but you can fly fish on a budget also. there are lots of combos for beginners that are under 30 bux! my 1st combo was a 20 dollar martin complete 5/6 weight combo with click drag reel and it comes with flys too! search it its cheap and worth it!!. it caught me bass gills and catfish! works great for a beginner trying out the sport! after that for steelhead I have a cabelas 8 wt combo with adjustable drag for 99 bux . remember these both comes with rod, reel, line ,leader and sometimes a case for your rod! I now got a lightweight 3 wt combo for 120 bux or so for panfish. flys don't have to be expensive either they can be cheap to . 45 cents to .70 cents a piece if ya go to ya basically need a rod and reel combo like I mentioned above, some flys and a vest and some extra leaders maybe some spitshot or indicators and ya are good to go. but belive me its worth it!!! but I won't lie it can and prolly will get expensive as time gos on when you get waders, net, floatant, and every other gadget known to fly fishin! you might make your own leaders or your own flies like me soon too. trust me theres nothing like catching a fish on a fly rod! after ya do the spin cast just doesn't seem fun anymore. you can imitate bugs and its just very relaxing out on the river, you just become one with the water! its addicting like drugs. even a bluegill is killer fun on a fly rod using a cricket/hopper or spider imitation. think of any bug you see around your area that goes in the water and that fish eat! any minnow, leach, or worm. you can make it and fly fish with it and catch fish!!
  5. there are many opportunities in nw ohio---i fished the white bass in the detroit river last spring and my daughter and i caught and released well over 500 fish in a day---the smallmouth bass fishing on a flyrod is some really great sport---there are a couple charter guys that specialize in flyrod trips in lake erie and lake saint clair

    you are very close to michigan which has some really great (match the hatch) flyfishing for trout

    you can make the sport as expensive or inexpensive as you want---although some of the saltwater fish test some of the best stuff you can buy --- some of the funnest trips i remember have been in farm ponds fishing for gills

    i can say that the moderately expensive things that i bought 40 years ago are in great shape still today

    the sport is addictive i started almost 50 years ago and im doing more now than ever---hope you like it
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    led you are a lucky man! I have never fly fished out of lorain county but I dream of it every night! lol.
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    Where there is water and you surely will catch them on a fly rod and actually outfish conventional fishing also if you do your part. Yea it can be an expensive hobby but only you can dicate how much to spend. No real reason to spend big bucks like me to get the same enjoyments. But you will have fun! You are not to far from a couple of good places up that way as far getting materials and equipment. I wished I was closer to Dundee Cabelas than the lousy Cabelas in Wheeling!
  8. thanks for all the advise guys. I will definetly be getting a moderate priced combo before long. if I have more questions I'll be sure to ask here first. This website is the most useful resource on the net as far I'm concerned when it comes to fishing ohio.
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    I ordered all my rod combos offline cause we have no cabelas around. that genesis combo comes with everything!!! wow.never seen that before! we have a gander mountain tho but there setup was more expensive.. this site is great for ohio fishing but if ya wanna learn alot about fly fishing try the north american fly forum and flyanglersonline. they have lots of tips about fly fishing especially flyanglersonl;ine beginners section.. some guys on here are also on north america fly fishing forum too. the only difference if those sites are all fly fishing and no spincasting.
  10. I a few problems with a couple of the members of flyanglersonline a while back. Never head of north american fly forum; may have to check it out. An individual in Cincinnati started a forum which is associated with both of which I enjoy. In fact, those two and this forum are the only ones I visit most every day.
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    i never been on flyangleronlines forum this is just there beginner section.
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    Used to be a member of Fly angler online(FAOL) but there are to many pompous a$$holes running it and are smitten if you not Ultra High Class! So I never fitted in and I despise them weatlthy snobs that overtakes that forum and give you stupid scarcastic comments.
  13. Fishing is a hobby. Fly fishing is an art! My dad taught me when I was a kid. I finally got back into fishing a few years ago and wanted to try FF again, so I headed to Kmart and bought a cheap Martin package for 20 bucks. Man did I have fun getting re-aquainted with the art. My take is to wear out a cheap rod and reel, make sure you enjoy it, then go get a good combo.

    I just purchased my third outfit (3wt panfish setup). I have a 5-6wt for bass. Oh, and that cheap Martin is when a buddy, kids, or my wife wants to learn to FF.

    This site will help. The guys are very helpful.
  14. Travis,
    If you haven't picked up an outfit yet, 2 to check out would be the combos from...
    WalMart..Scientific Angler's...check on the website..they have the 2pc rod & outfit on the website with free shipping to the store for $59.98 & for $10.00 more, you can get the new outfit with the 4 piece rod & some flies. It's a great outfit for beginners, & know some guys who have been at this awhile who still fish with, & enjoy theirs.
  15. try a place called sierra trading
  16. The thing you must watch with mail order is shipping charges. If the sale price PLUS shipping add up to a single good price, then fine. Personally, Sierra Trading Post's shipping charges have driven me off a few times.
  17. because no one has mentioned this yet, flyfishing comes with a warning, this sport is more addicting than any substance, once you get the bug you will find yourself doing crazy things like mubbling something about baetis while standing in a cold river with snow on the ground. but it is totally worth is. also personally i would spend your money on a good line, some guys like nice reels but they are only needed for big fish or very light tippets(my opinion). a good rod makes casting and fishing great but you will cast and mend better with a $100 rod and a $60 line than with a $300 rod and a crap line.

  18. BINGO! I agree 100%
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    The Genesis combo from Cabela's is a great combo. Has everything you need to fish when it comes out of the box. Bought one a few years ago 6wt. and fish for trout and steelhead all the time with it. Like everyone else said ADDICTING. now I got into tying my own flies. Nothing like a big fish with an attitude on a fly rod.