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Sony Wega Trinitron

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Anyone own one of these tvs? I just bought a 36 inch tv from best buy online. I am unable to leave the house do to aback injury, but I needed a tv real bad so I bought online and got free shipping. The buzz is tha this is a great tv, but you know how that goes. Anyone have first hand experience?

    Anyone know why it is so heavy. They 36 inch unit weighs in at over 200 lbs...sound kinda heavy to me.
  2. I dont own one but working for the cable company has some advanages. I see alot of TV`s and the SONY WEGA is one of the best i`ve seen.I think you will like it and i have not talked to anyone that has had a problem with them at all.I`m not to sure why they weigh so much bu other then that i think you`ll like it.


  3. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    i bought the 27" 6 years ago and no problems so far. they weigh so much because the glass is 4" thick. picture is still as good as the day i bought it, as long as you knock the dust off..

  4. I’ve had one for a little over a year, and have had no problems. It has a much better picture than my last TV. I know that when I move, I will be purchasing a new TV. Not because I don’t like the TV, but because I refuse to move that monster!
  5. I have a 32" flat screen Wega and I really do love it. Picture quality is hard to beat. When I bought it I took it out of the box myself and put it on the stand. Very heavy, I can now hit the high notes!
  6. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    I have a 27" in the living room and a 20" in the bedroom;had both for about a year and a half now....... The picture quality is fantastic........
    olwhitee; Hope "for your backs sake" they will deliver AND set it up for you!
  7. I've had a 36" and a 24" Wega for about a year and a half now and a 43" projection Sony for about 5 yrs and refuse to buy any other brand TV now. The 43" has as good a picture as when I first bought it and never had a problem with it and the Wegas look just as good too with not a problem to report yet, other than the weight. The 24" is in the bedroom and is a 24" because I couldn't hang the heavier 27"!! I didn't move the 43" or the 36" but I am pretty sure the 36" is heavier than the 43" due to, as someone said earlier, tube vs. projection and the thicker glass.
  8. Okay, I ordered my tv from best buy online because shipping is free. So we go in today to pick out a theatre surround, and I find out that the store has an in store promotion, where if you spend so much you get 25 free dvds. When I ask about it, I find out it is for in store purchases only. On top of that, if I spend over 699 in sotre I get enrolled in their club that gives me a 5$ dollars gift card for every 150$ I spent.SO I would qualify for about 80 bucks in gift cards. I had no choice but to come home, cancel my order via the net(cause the store wouldnt do it) go back and I ended up buying a bigger tv with hd hookup. What a day, and yes we found a nice theatre surround too. Who ever thought that shopping could be so hard?
  9. I get headaches when I shop for big items like that! lol, its so confusing. You are better off to shop online and find what you want then go buy it locally. OR see what the local stores have and what you like best, then go home and buy it off the net for a cheaper price.