Sons first WV trout experience

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  1. Took my 8 year old son on his first fall trout and turkey hunt last weekend. Turkeys a no go. But trout on the other hand was WOW. He caught his six trout limit Sunday in short order. I mean he caught them . It was not me cast, set the hook and let him reel them in. He did it all.

    There was a sad note to his story. He had to 18" to his credit. But come Monday evening I spotted a huge trout laying behind a rock. We eased down the bank and he made several casts but just could not get out that far for it. So I cast out his powerbait. Yep good old dad put the bait on target, well if you consider 10' up stream from the fish on trarget, then it was on target. But we kept it there and a few minutes later the trout came up and toke it. This fish jumped 3' out of the wate when it realized it was hook and then made a hard run. Snap and his 20"+ rainbow in full color was gone.

    My heart just about broke seeing my little guy tear up and then opening cry over missing this big fish. Now it did not help that the fish swam up to us a little while later with his hook and sinker still hanging out of his mouth. But my boy did buck up and go catch his 6th trout of the day for his limit.
  2. Walter,
    Your son will lose many fish over his lifetime, but he DID do a good job catching all he did.
    In my opinion, the best thing to read is that you fished TOGETHER. I love to read of folks fishing with children.
    Good for both of you!

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    Thats a great story! Sounds like you guys had a really good time. Some of my favorite memories are fishing with my dad and we continue to make them to this day. My son in 14 months old now and we absoutly cant wait to take him!!! His spiderman pole is all ready to go! :p
  4. That was my sons first pole to. Good old spidy did not hold to his first carp though. We had to pull the fish in by hand. I had forgotten all about that. Thanks for reminding my there Walley Mafia.