Sons first fish!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Ok - gotta brag a little.........
    Awhile back I posted some pics of my son and I fishing (he's 2 1/2) - well, since then I bought him a Spiderman pole and he's learned to cast all by himself. I'm telling you, he can cast out about 20'-30' when he gets a good one in! So anyhow, I took him over to my cousins pond (loaded with bass and bluegill) and let him fish.

    The first 2 pics, I set the hook and let him reel in........but on the last one he cast, caught and reeled in this fish ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!

    I'm so proud of him!




  2. congrats sounds like you had a great time I will always remember my kids frit fish

  3. ReadHeaded Hunter

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    congrats! a kids first fish is definitely a big deal. before you know it, he'll be outfishing you, just ask my dad :D
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    Great story, great shots. My congrats to the little man. May his hands always smell fishy.

  5. That's not always a good thing.............;)
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    congrats to the little man, that looks like a decent gill too.
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    reel kool Skarfer.
    he looks like an angler

    keep it up!
  8. Great catch there Spiderman! Cool pictures too! I took pictures like that of my boy and sent them down to him in Florida about 25 years later along with the pole he was using in the photo. (Johnny Walker rod w/ a Zebco 202. They didn't have Spidey poles like your son's pole back then) I was to arrive in a few days to take him on a tarpon trip in the Keys. I put a note in with the pictures saying, "This is where it all began. Now, let's see if we can go get something a little bigger." His wife told me later that he got all choked up over it.
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