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Sonar help

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by pskirner, May 23, 2007.

  1. I used to fish from a 10ft jon boat with NO eletronics, mostly just pounding the shallows. Well, I have upgraded and I have a nice boat with Lorance eletronics. NOW, I understand how to use the sonar and how to read the sonar, but HOW do I know where the boat is in relation to what I am reading. It is a constant streem across the screen, and If I sit in the exact same place the sonar is still streaming across and does not send back necessarly the same picture. So once I finded stumps or other structure, do I circle back around until I find it again and estimate its rough location, mark it, and hope for the best. I feel like I am missing something - please help me connect the dots here. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Go to the Lowrance website. There is a lot of info that will help you out. I also have a link to some other great info but can't get it now from work. I'll post it from home.

  3. Your boat is to the extreme right side on the screen. What you see is a history of what was under your boat in the time it takes for the screen to scroll. aboat on the water is never sitting absolutley still nor is everthing under the boat sitting absolutly still. You will always see some changes.
  4. Leeabu makes a great point about the movement of the boat. I know what you are saying about the picture changing even though you are not really moving but unless you are tightly anchored you are indeed moving around somewhat. I think you are on the right track as far as backtracking to find the structure. Just always keep in mind that the signal on the right side of the screen is what the transducer is detecting directly beneath its cone angle of signal. Usually the transducer is mounted on the transom of the boat which means that the most recent signal is pretty much right below the back of your boat.

    As far as tweaking your electronics to get more detail you will need to lean on others for that as I am not as good at electronics as I would like to be someday. It can be used to find hard bottom or soft bottom and thermoclines in addition to actually marking fish. The Lowrance site is a good place to start learning.
  5. The "streaming" as you call it does not necessarily mean you have multiple fish moving in any particular direction. Let's say you only had one fish hovering in your cone angle for 5 minutes. What you'd see is a 5 minute parade of one fish appearing on the right side of your screen and disappearing on the left side, over and over again.

    Let's say instead of hovering, that same fish was to continually dart in & out of the cone angle. What you'd see on your screen is multiple fish streaming single file from right to left, over and over again.
  6. I'm also having trouble understanding my Hummingbird. When we go fast, it shows lots of fish all over the screen. But as soon as we drop anchor, they go away. Am I getting interference from the motor? I'm so confused. I need help. lol
  7. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    When the transducer is on the back of the boat, you'll be past the stuff you see on your screen. Depending on the quality of the unit you have, it may take seconds for the sonar to reflect off the object and print the picture on the screen. The object can be quite a ways behind you when you see it on the screen. What i do is throw a marker bouy out as soon as i see the structure. Turn around and go back over it. If i'm off by more than 10 feet, i throw a new marker out and pick up the first one. Now anchor over it or close to it. While anchored, fish will show up as a solid line on the screen. It wont show arches unless the boat is moving. Turn off the fish ID. If your over brushpiles, limbs will show up as fish when its on. Set your sensitivity at 75% and you should get a good picture of whats down there. I have a 480x 480 pixel eagle on my transom and get a great picture. Less pixels= less quality picture. Any more questions, PM me. I'll help as much as i can.
  8. Well thank you to everyone for your help. I think I have the right idea, and I will be spending some time at the lowrance site- Thanks again !!!