Sonar/Depth Finder/Fish Finder?

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  1. What's everyones opinion on depth finders spooking fish? How long should you leave them on after you find fish if they do spook fish, or is this simply a myth? :confused:
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    Hmm, never heard that one. At least not with modern fishfinders.
    Mine stays on the whole time I'm on the water.

  3. Had a friend of my say something about depth finders also. He belives that if you use them in shallower water it spooks the fish.I use mine all the time and have never noticed any difference.
  4. I'm not sure whether the fish can hear it or not. I definitely hear a "clicking" sound when I switch on my Lowrance at home in the garage.

    Here's what Lowrance says (for what it's worth):
  5. Good job Net! I didn't think about checking out the "Net" internet. Ha Ha! I'm recieving numerous replies like yours. I'm just going to leave it on. Thanks!!:)