son home from Iraq

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  1. After 15 months over in Iraq my best fishing buddy came home 10-29. Took me a little while but I finally got him out in the boat at the rock. Fished just a couple hours but he ended up landing 3 fish and missing another nice male at the boat. Been over 2 years since him and I were able to go fishing. Was really nice to see him smile after he landed the first one. Got him up to the Grand on Sunday and he landed 7 and lost 4 more. Said he wants to go a couple more times before he has to report back to base on Thanksgiving.
    I know we'll be on a river somewere this weekend. Can't wait.
  2. well done job to your son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hats off!!!! im also military i did my 4 and did a tour in iraq, now im in the reserves, its good too see he can come home and enjoy some good old fishing, i also send fishing gear over seas to the troops it goes to camp liberty if your interested i will send you the co,s name... agian thank your son and happy vets day:)

  3. tell your son thank you for his service!!!!!!! i wish him the best of luck over seas and on the water here. i hope he lands a whopper before going back to the a -hole of the earth
  4. if it werent for men like your son and sam kegg we might not be able to fish!!!! hats off and good luck!:D
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  5. I also would like to thank your son for his service and commitment. Hearing stories like yours first hand help to remind folks of the commitment that people make when they serve our country. I am glad you got to spend some good quality time together as well in brief visit home.