Son coming back from Kuwait-Iraq

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wally72, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. wally72

    wally72 wally72

    We just got the word tonight that my sons unit will be back in Toledo this weekend. He is in Texas now Doing whatever they do for a few days then it's home for good I hope. It is a load off his mother's and my mind. You better keep your daughters at home and hide your beer I would say these young people will be ready to let go. To anyone who has served or has somebody close who has Thank You! wally
  2. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    tell him i said " thank you for his service and im glad he made it back safe"

  3. What an excellent X-mas present for your family ! ! ! When he gets home, please give him a big "THANK YOU" from us ! ! !
  4. tell him thanks from his OGF family!!! good to hear some holiday cheer...if it wasnt for him and many like him we wouldnt have the "luxury" of sitting here reading these posts!!
    PS he can have my beer but the daughter is off limits...sorry!! LOL!!
  5. stoshu is right.. there is no better x-mas present than that...CONGRATS AND THANK HIM FOR KEEPING US ALL SAFE
  6. Seaturd

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    Gonna be a good holiday for you! My son will be coming in from Camp Lejeune on the 23rd for the Christmas holidays. Thanks to your son and all the other military personnel - past, present and future.
  7. hearttxp

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    Yes THanks ! To Your Son & all the men & women who have served our great country to keep us safe.
  8. Thank your son for my family's safety & freedom !!!! GOD bless to all our military personel serving here & abroad.
  9. Toxic

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    Congrats to you son for a job well done! What a great Christmas gift. It don't get any better than that.
  10. jake74

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    What an awesome Christmas present for you and the entire family. Tell him thank you for his service. I love to hear when folks make it home for the holidays from the military. Though I do not know him please tell him that I am proud of him and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for protecting our freedom. Jake
  11. I echo what everyone else has said. Thanks to your son for his service and congratulations to your family for getting a chance to enjoy the holidays together again. My boys are not old enough to be in that situation but I can only imagine the joy and excitement you guys must be feeling.
  12. I agree with everyone else as well. Glad to see that he's coming home. Tell him thanks and we are proud of him.

  13. Chuck P.

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    Good deal... My Son got back from Iraq a month or so ago. It's an amazing feeling when you actually get to hug them in person again.
  14. smallieguy

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    Thats some great news just in time for christmas.
    Tell him thanks for being there when we needed him and to have a beer
    for me.

    Semper Fi.
  15. wally72

    wally72 wally72

    Thanks, it is about the best Xmas gift you can get. I'm going to show him this post so he can see how much people care. Thanks wally
  16. Glad your son is home. My nephew left out of Texas for Iraq monday, second tour.
  17. gonefishin'

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    Tell your son thank you and thank you, his family, for your sacrifice too. Sometimes we forget what the mothers and fathers and other family members are going through while their loved ones are in harms way.

    Merry Christmas!
  18. You get your son for Christmas and I lose my brother. :( I guess that's how it goes in the military. My brother is in route to the sandbox as we speak. Thanks to your son for his service and making it a better place for the troops that are replacing him over there.
  19. hey wally ! thats some great news, glad to see some guys getting home intime for xmas. i know its a relief for you all! i did my time in iraq .missing allot of holidays. i know your son is greatfull to be home. tell him i said thanks for his service. and merry xmas and a even better newyear!!!
  20. WOW! What a great Christmas gift! Give him a pat on the back from this ol' 'Nam Vet.

    fishintiger....I will keep your brother and his comrades in arms in my prayers. Stand tall and be VERY proud of him!!

    Merry Christmas to all,