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Somewhere along 52...

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by spiff, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. I bought my son a fly fishing outfit for getting straight A's for the whole year in 7th grade. We took it down to our favorite bluegill hole and proceeded to catch 6 or 7 small and medium gills for bait tonight.

    So we took the gills down to the Ohio along 52 and cut one up for bait. Head on one pole, 1/3 of the body on the other pole. We started getting bites right away....but they acted like my old buddies the gars....quick powerful run followed by nada. My son missed the first good run. Since we were using circle hooks, I told him to just pick the pole up and engage the spool, no strikes...and if he felt load, start reeling and load it up...

    30 minutes later we had a double on the cut gills.... a 9 pounder and a 5 pounder...we thought we had the same fish on both poles because they went off at the same time....Only got a couple of little runs after those two so we called it a night after 3 hours...caught those around 10pm.

    It was 2 firsts for us. Never have had any luck with cut bait and never had a double together. Big spawn...the 9 pounder was squirting roe...we put her and the male back.... Not a bad day...and some fly fishing to boot!....

    Spiff is toast...good nite.

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  2. Nice fish. I am still working on my first cat of the year. If plans go as expected I could have a chance this weekend. If you dont mind me asking whereabouts on the Ohio were you fishing?