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  1. The last couple weeks I have read a couple threads(a couple to many) about deals gone south in the classifieds section, I sympathize with those people who are a part of those deals, but I just wanted to say that the last couple weeks I have used the classified section to sell 2 seperate items and give another away with great results, I met 2 fine people and talked with a 3rd through PMs in doing these deals, I guess my point is that it is not all doom and gloom in the classifieds and I just wanted to take a second to point that out as well as Thank the powers that be here at OGF who gave a means in which to sell a couple items:)
  2. I had a good experience also. Thanks OGF!

  3. ogf has paid off for me. Haven't used the marketplace yet, but have fished with some great people. Also I've gotten a ton of great advice from others.
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    In one transaction in February I bought a boat and gained a fishing buddy in the previous owner. The boat was referred to me in the Marketplace by several other members. This is just one of the many great reasons I'm hooked on this site!
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    i just got some spinners and blades from the market place. the member was even nice enough to include free shipping. thank you boatfisherdude! good deal.

    sorry to hear of other being take advantage of.
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    It's always the small percentage that give the rest of us a bad name. Don't worry, though. As you can see, they get weeded out pretty quick.
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    i have done a lot of buying and selling on here along with the duck hunting sites i visit ,and ebay. i have run into some bumps in the road but have never lost any goods or money.