Something needs to be done about this!

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    I have noticed it seems like more trash and litter being left at riverside access points and at popular spots on the GMR and Stillwater in the Miami Co. area. Hit the dam at Miami Shores today before the heavy rain for eyes and at the east bank below the dam found 6 or 7 chicken liver containers, 5 or so 2 liters and walmart bags. Someone had also attempted to build 2 fires and accomplished nothing but making a mess. The worst thing was I also found 2 DISCARDED HYPODERMIC SYRINGES discarded by these clowns. Talk about having a favorite spot messed up. Stillwater access points at Horseshoe Bend,Fenner Rd., and Penny Rd. are all a mess with discarded trash, line, lure containers and such. Hopefully this wont eventually limit access for us all by the MCD. This is all probably left by "weekend warrior" types for lack of a better term than by true sportsmen on this site,but something needs to be done. Thanks
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    Good luck, pal. I feel your pain, but people that litter like that are also usually people that live their entire lives in squalor and think its normal. They need someone else to clean up their messes, pay their rent, and give them food stamps. I would be willing to venture they don't even buy fishing licenses. I float Mad River every chance i get and usually fill up a trashbag or 2 with beer cans, line, bait cups, you name it. So my advice is to get some hefty bags and a stick with a nail in the end of it.....

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    I know the DNR and whoever else should be responsible for policing these places are probably understaffed. However, I think if they just put a person per county on the job it would help drastically. Just the occasional staking out of high traffic areas where garbage is left and writing a few tickets would be a big deterrent.

    Just think what the highways would be like if we just posted the speed limit signs and then did nothing to police/patrol the highway!!

    But alas, for the time being I think wader is right, break out your stick and bag and get to work. It's doubly frustrating for me when I have to do it on my own property!!

  4. For the time being I think it's up to us people who care about the environment to do something about the trash around the banks. There are a lot more people who care about the environment than there are people who don't. Most of the time I will bring a trash bag with me when I head out to these kind of places and pick up trash after I'm done fishing. My dad did this quite often when he would take me fishing when I was a kid and it kind of rubbed off on me. Just think of the impact it would make if every person who posted on this web sight would start doing this.
  5. I always pick up what I can especially line. I ve seen ducks and geese all wrapped up before and its really a sad sight. Its just so frustrating everywhere you go on the river is just trashed literally. Drives me crazy!
  6. Discarded hypodermic syringes huh? I have encountered this before as well a few years ago at East Fork.....people had left their needles, trash, their kids diaper, fire pit, a couple dead cannel cats, etc, all in one area! Families take their kids and pets to these places and anglers venture close or in the water and have to encounter horrible debris such as this....I have noticed things have gotten somewhat better there but still run across too much garbage anywhere I fish. It goes back to the previous posts where some have stated we have to be part of the solution and pitch because those of us picking it up aren't the ones doing it and it gets me fired up that these people are so freaking lazy and have no respect for others or themselves....I don't condone fighting but I see someone leave their crap behind and it's on like donkey kong. :) ...Not trying to come off as a tough guy, just wish people would have some respect for others and the environment we live in. It doesn't take much to take your worm containers, lure packaging, fish line, etc, etc.. and throw it away in a park provided trash can or gas station that you are going to go to on your way home to get something such as gas, beer, cigs, milk, whatever...and I love it when people are somewhere close to a garbage can and still leave their litter 10 ft from it sitting on a picnic table or ground..This is witnessed by me at Miami Meadows Park near Milford all the time. Sorry for such a long post but it comes down to laziness and a lack of respect. Thank you to all of those who read this and who do pitch in and try to make this a better situation for all of us. I know I appreciate it and others do to.
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    I live in suburban Cincinnati and fish with a 6 year old son, so a lot of the places I fish are easily accessible to anyone. This means that the places are usually trashed. We usually bring a 5 gallon bucket, and if it doesn't have fish in it when we leave, it is filled with trash. Just try to leave the place better than you found it.
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    it's amazing that no matter how remote of a fishin spot you go to, there is almost always some trash. it's ashame but if the majority of us picked up some of it while we were there i think it would help. i know some folks feel that since they didnt litter they shouldnt have to pick up someone elses trash. and they are right. in a perfect world people would clean up their mess but that isn't happening and the only solution is to clean up after these lazy people.
  9. This is one thing you can do if you really want to make a difference:
    search out Meldahl Clean Up Sat. 1/5/08 in the Ohio River reports forum.
    This great bunch of guys and one gal came out in really horrible weather and worked WORKED for 4 hours in the drizzle and pulled 2 p/u truck loads of garbage out of the parking area of Meldahl dam.
    Get on here and call the clean up troops together, and clean it up!
  10. I Would Hate To See What Some Of These Peoples Homes Look Like!!!! And Just To Think Some Of Them Have Kids!!!
    Just To Thimk These People Are Our Modern Day Roll Models...the Future Scares Me!!!!
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    One little suggestion that may help is for folks to show some restraint before freely sharing their fishing spots and accesses with "strangers".
  12. Maybe we, as OGF'ers can lead as examples and start organizing "River Sweeps" at our local spots. We are all on here and we know it is a problem. We could get together and make a difference. I can make a difference individually, imagine what we could do as a team. I know everyone is busy enough, but maybe this year we can make a thread and donate some of our time to pick up and maybe even show some young ones the right way to live.
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    Lunker that sounds like a good a idea and you should try to get something together. I for one am behind that idea because i fish that river alot and always end up picking up the trash left at my favorite spots.
  14. I was at the dam in Hamilton across from the university last Monday and it looked like the morning after a big concert. Made me sick. I tried to pick up all the line, at least...people just don't give a s@#^!
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    They just had a Great Miami River sweep last Saturday. It was from Indian Lake to the Ohio River. I helped my sons cub scout den here in Fairfield. The only reason I knew about it was from the Cub Scouts, it wasn't publicized much which is a shame.
  16. Organizing a sweep sounds like a great idea. Count me in!!!
  17. For what it's worth...since most everyone how has a cell phone, if you find any needles laying around, you really should call the police and report it. I know they have plenty to do, but if everyone calls in a needle find, eventually they will start watching any spots that become popular.

    For one thing if i find a needle and my son is with me I have to know explaine what it is and heaven forbid he find it first and pick it up. An office should photograph and destroy it properly as well as explaine to kids why this is a VERY bad thing to find, let alone touch!