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Something I noticed on here

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BottomBouncer, May 11, 2005.

  1. Lotsa people have been catching fish here lately......lotsa cats too, and some big ones. Everyone going on about the ONE big cat they caught or something like that...... What gets me is that many of these big cats are being kept........then people go on about only catching small cats and where are the big ones?

    Just curious as to what people are thinking? Yeah yeah.....there are no limits, you bought your license(i hope?), you have the right....all the things that people say.......blah blah blah. Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather catch a big cat any day, rather than eat one. I alone on this one?

    I'm not trying to change people's way, just tired of hearing people go on about small fish or no fish........then see people with some bigger than average fish on their way to the fryer.
  2. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    No not all, in fact I think your wrong, most Big Cats are not kept. At least the main catguys, we never keep big cats. There are lots that keep Channells, but that doesnt really put a dent into the population, but lots of Falats are not kept. As for me it's catch, Have Flathunter Net It :D , take a picture, release.

  3. After many years of arguing the virtues of catch and release on Internet message boards, I have concluded that you are NOT going to change anyone’s opinion on the subject. Many people ONLY enjoy fishing as a means to provide a meal, and keep everything that they catch. Others simply enjoy catching fish, and practice 100% C&R. Obviously, there are many others that fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

    Yes, it still bothers me when I see pics of large fish (regardless of species) that are destined for the frying pan. However, nothing can be gained from chastising the people that want to keep the “trophy” fish that they catch. As long as they are within their legal rights to keep the fish, they will be keeping them.

    If you are concerned about protecting “trophy” fish, help to change the fishing regulations. Unlike individual opinion on the subject, the regulations can be changed. There are groups of individuals on this message board that have organized to do just that, specifically with regard to catfish. Directing your energy to changing the regulations will be much more beneficial and effective than trying to change anyone’s opinion on the subject.
  4. Rooster speaks of some wise advice, we in the trout community were tired of people keeping 5 browns on the Mad river over 10" and because of our constant griping, got the states attention and Trout Unlimited rallied about a dozen flyfishing and trout specific clubs together for a pow wow with the DNR, they offered there ideas and we offered ours, we met in the middle with new regs, statewide, 2 trout over 12" from any of the steelhead or inland trout streams. The issue with the state is to not exclude any specific groups so the rainbow trout stockings in the lakes around the state is where the state figures you can fill your freezers up with a "Quantity" fishery while the 3 inland streams and steelhead are there to offer a "Quality" fishery for the sportsmen.
    Wink wink, were still working on the trout stamp issue, stay tuned...We lost the first two battles but eventually will win the war ;)

  5. mrfishohio

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    Most large cats are indeed released. What makes you think they are being kept? I know for a fact the majority caught by members on this board are released. In fact, only recall one guy who kept some last year, and they(flatheads) weren't all that big either. The big removers of fish are not posting here, those would be the trotliners, limbliners, and poachers involved in selling to paylakes. Some use trotlines, fill their freezers & that's the end of it, some just C & R those too. So you can't make a blanket statement on trotlines either.
    Often the trophy fish are caught at night and are roped off for pictures in the AM, then released. I just don't see the validity of that the big cats are not being released. Then again, that's here in OH, all bets off when you go to TX, but then, they have lots of big fish too.
  6. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I don't know if I would be considered one of the "main catguys" or not, but when I do talk of catching a nice sized fish or any fish as far as that goes, I release them. I don't have pics of my catches to show on here to "prove" that I caught one due to the fact that I don't have a digital cam. I tell my fish story like others, and if you believe me when I say I caught a fish or released a fish, thanks for believing I am honest! If you don't believe that I caught a fish or released a fish, come fishing with me and see what I do. I will keep a few smaller channel cats throughout the year to eat, but for the most part, I throw back all catfish. I release all bass, but will eat on occasion bluegill, crappie, and whatever other panfish I may catch and decide to eat.

    I am like the others and don't understand where you get that these fish we are talking about are being kept. The guys who are keeping the big ones are not posting about them and/or are not members of this site.
  7. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I see people keeping large flatheads every year, but not many from this message board do that..I think the most of the catfishermen from this forum practice wise conservation when it come to our big flatheads..Now for the rest of the uncaring, or uneducted public Yes I think they do keep alot of big flats, either to eat, or to show off then throw away.
  8. Catch and release for this fisherman. Most of my fish are from southern Ohio/Indiana rivers, and everyone knows if you eat those you'll glow in the dark :D

  9. C&R- all species, all the time- regardless of size. For me anyway ;)
  10. I'm mainly a bass fisherman, but on ocassion I fish for other species with the kids and big into catch and release. Anyway, please remember that keeping some fish is required (hopefully to eat and not just through away). I'm not saying keeping the bigger fish (normally are not as good to eat anyway) but the average size should be keep once in awhile to continue having the larger fish in our waterways. Slot limits that are posted on some of our lakes and rivers should be enforced. That is their for a reason to allow for a good balance between baitfish and various sizes of game fish.
  11. When I first saw this thread I thought this is going to get some people riled. I still will run jugs, drop lines and other methods while on a fishing trip. I do keep cats that measure up to 18" and the rest go back. I like a nice mess of catfish over most other types of fish. My family seems to be able to only eat three 15"-18" fish in a meal anyway, so why keep anymore than that.
    I believe most of us at one time or another has kept a fish to eat that someone else would put back. I have definitely done it. Not proud of the fact now but then it was just another fish. We grow and learn, hopefully.
  12. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I remember when I caught a big flathead out at Mosquito that I guestimated to weigh about 45 pounds. There was a boat with a couple guys in it trolling by, and they noticed I was fighting a rather large fish, so they stopped and sat about twenty feet from my boat. After about forty minutes of fighting this huge fish, I got it to the boat. The one guy yells, "hey, what are you going to do with it?", I said I'm going to let it go. He then says "can I have it?", as I unhooked it, and watched it swim away, I said "sure you can, there you go", and then laughed as he mumbled a few choice words my way.

    Not only can I not believe that he wanted to pluck such a creature from the lake that he's probably been in for 20-30 years, but he wanted someone elses fish.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't care if someone wants to keep any fish that they caught by legal means, I'm not the fishin police, and it's their business, but sometimes I just wonder about people catching and keeping either very small fish, or very large fish (such as a catfish)
  13. I've seen a few large fish(many species) on the strings and in the buckets.....whatever. Lotsa pictures in the baitshops.........but if you look at the dates, many are old. I've just noticed people talk about the poor fishing or something of that sort. Then go keep a bucket full.

    Ever wonder what the waterways would be like if no one ever kept anything.....wouldn't that be a dream :rolleyes: :D
  14. catking

    catking Banned

    I know about 99.999999 percent of the catters on this site C&R their large cats , and for that matter all their cats. But there are a few I know that keep their channels for eating and there is nothing wrong at all with this practice.....THE CATKING !!!
  15. learnig. Every bass trip I make with my dad he has the same thing to say to me. "Fanny would wear your hindend off for throughing that fish back" My father was one of 13 and his father died when my dad was 7. His mother would send them down to Mud River in the fall to seign minnows. She would freeze the minnows in jugs. Dad to this day will not eat potted meat because of how it looks. He says it looks just like his meal when he was a kid. See his mother would take the minnows and thaw them out, put them on the counter top, crush them up and put them on bread with mustard. She once caught a 45+ catfish and dad said that she found meat on that thing that he and the rest of his family wondered where it came from.
    To this day it is hard for dad to put back legal fish. I tell him that is what he and mom had me for. To teach him the basics of c&r. He will reply in a joking maner "this is my boat son". If my dad, an old true hillbilly, can learn c&r then we all can.
  16. Hey Walter I think we must be related...that sounds just like my dad :p . He finally became a C&R guy (sort of) after we started muskie fishing. Still, he grew up fishing and hunting to feed his family so it's hard for him to throw 'em back.

  17. You guys sure bring back some good times long ago with my Dad...
    He never knew how to fellet fish so they either had their skin pulled off (cats) or were scaled and gutted then breaded placed in a lightly oiled pan and in the over...
    C & R never for him LOL