someone tried to break into my house

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by imalt, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. imalt

    imalt Banned

    i live in franklin and yesterday around 4pm someone tried to break thru my front door. my wife was home so it scared her pretty bad. once the guy heard the dogs he took off. The police basically told her that this kind of thing happens during the holidays there isnt much they can do. Well how about some extra patrols there is a start. no offense to any police on here but there are more bad cops then good ones. But that is for a different thread. I just wanted everyone to be aware and make sure that your doors are locked when you are and arent home. I think it was some punk teenager just testing doors trying to get a quick take. But i guess you never know. All I know sure makes me glad i adopted a 9 month old bull mastiff that weighs 100 lbs the other day. If they did get the door open they would of needed a fresh pair of drawers when they got to jail if there was enough left of them to make it that far. Everyone just stay safe for the holiday's.
  2. fisherman5567

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    Sorry to hear this imalt....thats the same reason i have 225lb+ english mastiff and a great dane! they are pretty good gaurd dogs and both stand over 6ft tall.

  3. One hot evening last summer I forgot and left my windows down on my vehicle (i never do this) which was parked in front of my house. To my disgust in the morning I found someone had rifled through my car. Glove box, ash tray, center consol was wide open and contents dumped on my seat. Much to my amazement all the took was less then a dollar in change. Ironically they didnt take my leatherman, pocket knife, or CD case filled with cd's. Lesson learned, keep things locked always.
  4. It's really a shame that so many people try to take the easy way out and steal their neighbors. I think the court system should do a better job of embarrassing the thiefs that to get caught. I nice picture in the local paper of the "thief of the week" might help to cut down on this kinda of cr*@.
    When I had my house built, someone broke into the laundry room and ripped off the Amish carpenters tools and then the week before we moved in, someone ripped off my new microwave before it could be installed. I still believe that it was a tradesman who worked on the house but who knows.
  5. my boxer can hear a mouse fart outside, for that im am thankfull. he lets me know and he can sure scare the hell outta someone,, but i also sleep with a load 9mm. im thinking the law has changed. about what you can do in a home invasion, but anyone comes thru the door univited is going to regret it
  6. There was a bunch of break ins in the Woodville, Genoa, Gibsonburg area this fall. Guys walked right in the and took what they could and left.

    They tried to get into my house, screwed up the storm door. My garage was robbed a couple years back...lesson learned....lock your doors.

  7. imalt

    imalt Banned

    what is the law if someone forces their way into your home. I know it seems like laws today protect criminals. i can tell you if anyone forces their way into my home if the dogs dont get them the aluminum baseball bat will and i am not going to stop swinging until they cant get up. If that gets me put in jail so be it I will do what i must to protect my family. Anyway that is why i have a boat to get rid of the body:) .
  8. With the "new Castle Doctrine in Ohio" if you fear for your life do them in. If you injure them, I'd be afraid they would sue your butt..Do a search on the board for Castle doctrine discussion for more info...
  9. Fish2day

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    Ohio passed the "Castle Law" last year. Read up on that. It does give you more rights to protect yourself and your family in the event of the situation you are wondering about.

    I included this in edit mode so you may have to copy and paste the link
  10. PatSea


    I'm sorry to hear about your situation, I'm sure it must be frustrating to have someone try to invade your home. However, I must say that I do not agree with your statement that "there are more bad cops than good cops". I am not a police officer and in fact I don't even know any police officers personally. But I do believe that the vast majority of all police officers are trying to do a good job. They put their life on the line everyday for you and me when they go to work.
  11. imalt

    imalt Banned

    I guess it was his non-chalant attitude that kind of pissed me off. I agree some put there life on the line everyday others wait till everyone else gets there and its safe. I have had two bad experiences with police in my life where i was left stranded when police told me they were off duty. If you choose to put on that badge you are always on duty to protect the citizens that pay your paycheck. But that isnt what this thread is about if anyone wants to start a thread about that topic i will contribute my stories there.
  12. about 7 of my drivers had their trucks broken into over the holiday weekend and i heard from several other trucking co's that they got hit too, police said pretty much the same thing......

    girl that works for me lives on the west side and she got her garage broken into while they were home, didnt hear a thing, took about 4k worth of her husbands toos

    one thing i cant abide is a thief and if one shows up in my house the only problem i will have is which kind of bullet to put into them, prolly a nice .45 cal federal hydra shok that lives right beside my bed
  13. I would not use a baseball bat. Remember one simple rule... "Dead men tell no tales." At a certain point, before they are dead, there will be no more threat if you use a baseball bat. Once the threat is eliminated, you will open yourself up to an assault charge and probably a hefty lawsuit from the intruder or their family. My grandfather was told years ago by the cops after our house was burglarized that if you shoot, shoot to kill. If they manage to get any part of their body out the door drag them back in. Once partially out the door, it is assumed they were leaving, whether shot first or not would be hard to prove, and therefore the threat was gone.
  14. imalt

    imalt Banned

    i think it shows how much of a joke the system is that an intruder can claim assault when they wrongfully enter your home. I dont care what the law is when it comes to protecting your family you do what is necessary. If any da would prosecute someone for hurting an intruder then they should be shot too. I am sure that it has happened though.
  15. I'm not a cop nor do I know any on a personal level.

    If the cops are so bad, why do you continue to call them? Just tell your wife you'll come right home!
  16. DaleM

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    Please don't put all police in the same cart. I do know LOTS and LOTS of police officers and I can say I can't recall any of them doing anything that I could call them "bad cops". I also have very close friends and family that are police officers here in Columbus and Franklin County. I'm not sure how many police are in your area, but again don't put them all in the same cart. If you had 2 bad experiences maybe you need to try to talk to them instead of thinking they are there to just serve you. They do have a life away from their jobs just as you do. They will and do protect your family even if you don't think so.
    I'm sorry for your experience and lets hope it doesn't happen again. I've been broken into a few times ( vehicles and a garage) and every time I have called the police they have gone out of their way to assist me.
    A long time ago there was a saying, if you don't like cops call a Hippy the next time you need help. That's still a true statement with maybe a few words changed in todays world. Be thankful they are there. What type of world would we have if they weren't. Just read the paper any day and you'll see.
    My thanks go out to each and everyone of them.

    ( by the way, lets not start a thread about that either. We'll close it before it starts. If you want to PM others that's fine, just don't do it in an open thread)
  17. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    They won't regret it at my house :) They won't have time.
  18. my dad always told me if someone breaks in shoot em make sure they are dead. then if they dont have a weapon but a kitchen knife in their hands hahahaa. i have a gun loaded in every room of my house. plus i dont have kids.
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