Someone stole my ice shanti @ mogadore!

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  1. Actually it was my bro's and he had left it there for an early morning excursion. Anyhow footprints led to the causway of ranfield road. Please reply if you happen across an abandoned shanti, also want to mention there is.. or was a name and number tag on it.
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    this really sucks but it just goes to show they'll steal anything that isnt nailed down. well i hope u find it but chances are its gonna go the same way it went with my old boat trailer which was stolen off my truck while i was fishing. good luck and i would report it to the proper authorities but it wont do much good it doesnt hurt to try tho.

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    whats the name of tag so if i happpen to see it on skeeter sure to let u know. pm me if when u get this.
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    Was this a homemade shanty or store bought? I know I wouldn't go to far from my store bought one, least I wouldn't leave it overnight. I'm guessing it's homemade one, right......?
  5. Definitely post a description of it.

    I'm relatively close to Mogodore (Ellet/Akron area) and if I see it, I'll let you know.
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    I hate to hear these type of story's, but leaving it out there over night wasn't the best idea. In todays world it's getting harder to trust anyone. I wish you luck locating it.
  7. I guess that answers my question before I even asked it. I was going to leave my shanty out Sat. night and fish it first thing in the morning. But now way now. I'm sorry about your loss. I hope it wasn't worth much to you. I know mine is a home made (last year) but it still cost me close to 150 bucks to make.....and I would miss the heck out of it if some slob took it.

    Give description, so we can keep an eye out!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    If it wasn't screwed down into the ice, then it blew away...look towards the shorelines if possible....If it was left out secured to the ice, then the thieves got it. Look for a shanty with a fresh coat of paint....

    Hope you find it..

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    On the off chance that The State took exception to your brother leaving that shanty out on the lake unattended you might want to check with them. They sometimes get fussy about you doing that on “their” lake.
    Check with ODNR or maybe the Summit Co. sheriff.
  10. I was always under the impression you were not allowed to leave it out unattended and that is why you have to have your name and address on it. So if they find it, they can fine you.
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    You're not allowed to leave them overnight. People would make ones out of old scrap wood and then not take them home/with them. More structure for the fish, I say!! Sort of like leaving cable spools and xmas trees!
  12. Ya feel bad to here when someone gets something stolen from them, and it feels even worse when it happens to you, ya can't leave anything anywhere, my son just got his $70 basketball shoes stolen at the local rec center.
    just piss ya the @#!%&(%^ off :mad:
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    You guy's are calling it just as it is and it's going to get worse, thats why even at my senior status// I have and profess the benefits of CCW..... Shucks , Who knows when they'll try to take your shoes or shanty while your wearing them and setting inside of it.... sorry for your losses.... Jon SR.