Some spoons I made.

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by peple of the perch, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Here are some of the spoon have made. I made them the same way as Alleyes w/o the lead. I ended up putting some metallic paint on them. I made most of them rattle too, buy putting the more solid shavings back into the tubing. Also i put some BB's in a couple.

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    Sweeet. Do you have to clear-cote those so they don't tarnish up?
    Those would work great for perchin'- add a dropper hook with a minnow
    just like an Old Pete's spoon!
    Now you gotta fine some shiny stainless tubing too....

  3. Those are really nice, Peple.

    I'm wondering if spoons could also be made from the handles of acid brushes:

    The handles are hollow, but have a seam that runs down the length of the handle.
  4. Cool! I hope we don't run the spoon makers out of business. :p Can't wait to hit the reefs this spring!
  5. Vc111 you problably could, any hollow metal that won't crack when bent could be used. I filled a bucket of water up and did some jigging. I was very impressed with the action that they gave out. I did put a clear coat on after the pics.
  6. Those look great. I bet even the trout at punderson would hit those babies!!!
  7. I also made one that looks pretty similar to a jigging rap. I put the split ring in the center and flattened the sides horizontally with the center flattened vertically.