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Some shallow shad baits

Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by TIGGER, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, I started to play around with some shallow running shad baits. They are 6" long. I like to play around with metals and foils. They are a pain in the you know what! After I finish one it seems to worth it. They run 6 feet and up. The action is a bit crazy but that would be good for the toothy critters I think.
    I met up with VC thursday night at Westbranch for an evening fishing trip and to test some lures. I casted one of these around and I am exicited about the upcoming shallow bite that is upcoming.

    I played around putting rattles in them. I think it might be a good thing.

    I really liked them as a casting twitch bait.

    Take care everyone

    I can't believe September is a week away!!!!!!




  2. Here are a couple others:




  3. Those look great! Nothing like catching a fish on something you made.
  4. Beautiful stuff as always, John. I love that firetiger. It's about time you started posting some of your work!

    Did you try those pearls yet?
  5. Wow, those look great John. Almost too good to use.
  6. those are definatly some remarkable baits. that firtiger one does look very cool.
  7. I can only dream of one day making baits that look as good as the ones you and Vince make. These are absolutely stunning.
  8. Thanks guys. I hope to get together this weekend and fish with Vince some where. I hope to run some of these buggers. I think those musky's might be moving shallow again with the cool nights!:D

    I put some rattles in them. I jumped into our little swimming pool and had my wife reel the bait up. I was really suprised by the rattle sound underwater. I am also glad that she didn't hook me in the head! LOL

    Vince, I haven't tried the pearls yet. I hope to this weekend on a couple of baits.
  9. The shallow bite is underway. Give me a call for the info. You're going to like this. :D