Some recent muskie baits

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  1. These two are the first lipped bait we have made. The perch one dive around 4 feet and has a wider action than the other bait. The red/yellow/black bait dives around 8 ft and has a really tight wobble.

    This bait is a big topwater with two buzzblades and a 6in grub on the back. It should catch a monster muskie.

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    look good, hope they catch something for you.

  3. Nice work on these lures. I really like the design of the top water unit. I can't see from the photo how that rear treble is attached, is it solid wire or seven strand? Very nice.

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    That is gonna be one special day when that topwater gets slammed! I really like that original design. Nice work on all!
  5. I really like the perch bait. It looks like it should be a pretty versatile bait.

    Good stuff, FM.
  6. The rear treble is attached with 45lb test nylon coated leader material. Also, I don't have an airbrush so all of my paint jobs are done with spray paint and then finished off with 3 coats of epoxy.
  7. nice baits, IMHO, you might run into a lot of trouble with your buzz blade set up, as you have both spinning in the same direction, i have found that you need one to spin counter and one to spin clockwise for it to run true,just my canadian 1 and 1/2 cents lol

  8. Marshall those look great! I can't wait to see a picture with one in a muskies mouth!

  9. It ran true when we tested it before the final paint job. The only problem we really had was securing the wire for the blades.
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    LOL...gotta love the exchange rate now! :mad:

    Nice baits Marshall...I think you will hang a fish or two on those!