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    I finally got a chance to do some fishing today with dad. This year has been a rough one on me, first my car crash that left me with two messed up feet, then my grandma passing away last week. Dad and I got to the lake about 5:40 am and got the boat launched and on about the fifth cast of the day, I had a low 30 inch fish came in after my topraider. I saw him hit the lure on his second attempt, waited until I felt the weight of the fish and dropped the rod and hammered him only to come up empty. I couldn't believe it, but that stuff happens. Twenty minutes later while still throwing the topraider, this guy blasted it. I mean he hammered it, coming out of nowhere! A short time later, dad slipped the net under him and I had the first musky for the year. A nice little 37 incher.


    I threw the topraider for about another hour with no more takers and we then switched up and dad started throwing a crankbait while I threw a jerkbait. Around 9:00 am, Dad said, "I got em." I looked up to see this one wallowing across the surface and grabbed the net. This one hit the net and he had a nice 38 incher.


    Well the wind kind of picked up and we started upwind and started drifting down the lake and around 10:00, Dad once again said get the net, I got a big one on! This fish went crazy, diving under the boat and wouldn't give up. Well, he finally did and I looked at the fish. He gave it his all, especially for his size. A little 31 incher. Good spirit though!


    We fished about an hour longer and my feet couldn't take it anymore. Can't complain about a three fish day, but it should of been four. I think if I could of lasted longer, we might of been able to convince another one or two. My feet are killing me now, and I can hardly walk, but I got the fever bad,, musky fever!!!!!! I hope you guys like the pics, and get out there, new moon is two days away!!!
  2. Nice to hear you are out and fishing Mark, great bunch of fish, and on your lures too. Good on you. Pete.

  3. Mark,

    Great post. A three fish day is a good day in anybody's book. Nice pics...