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Discussion in 'Tackle Making' started by musky2much, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Here are a few new colors I have been messing with. Cliff
  2. Obviously you've mastered the transparent colors. Nice.

  3. Musky2, you're pictures aren't showing.

  4. know thats funny:D , love the sarcasam i do, lol, :)

  5. Just a reminder...

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  6. Beautiful work on the stars and stripes themed lure!
  7. Welcome aboard, Musky2. I love your work, especially the flag theme. That was especially well done!
  8. welcome, musky2, love your paint, you got some wicked skills bro, bottom one is my fav!!!

  9. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    All three of those are sweet, but the flag gets my vote...looks like a tough one to reproduce...really cool paint job!!!
  10. Wow Cliff those look nice. Welcome aboard. Man can up paint!
  11. Thanks for the nice comments guys. I guess I should have mentioned that the flag lure is the only one that is not total airbrushing. It primarily is a decal from "pine car". They are skins used on pine car derby cars and come in several variations. Very easy to apply but a little expensive for a big lure, could do several 4" lures with a kit though. You can find them in the hobby section at many stores. I picked these up at Roush Hardware in Westerville. Still have to fade the seams on the back and belly with an airbrush similar to a foiled lure. Also seen it in a realistic lighting and a green reptile scale there. Here are a few more airbrushed (and seasponged) ones.

  12. fugarwi7

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    The "seasponged" effect is really cool looking...the other two are very nice as well...I am always intrigued with new ways to finish lures...great looking baits you have there! I also like your choice of eyes...mind sharing where you got them?
  13. eyesman_01

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    Those are awesome looking baits. I too like the one done with sea sponge. I'd have never thought of that. Wonder if it would work on my smaller walleye baits. I really like that slight splash of color on the belly too. Very realistic.
  14. gonefishin'

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    Those look great even out of focus.:G :F
  15. Musky- Great colors here, all of them look good and yes the sponged on is something different, it's amazing what you can use to get a really natural pattern. I particularly like the trout pattern. Keep them coming. pete