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  1. ...and a first attempt at a cast resin bait to boot!! Hope you guys like them, some ideas from here...
    4" resin twitchbait

    10" Basswood Trollers
    Olive Frog w/ a cream/brown splatter belly

    ..and a little more detailed Shad, with a target for the fish to aim at :)

  2. three rivers great looking lures, john said that pandoras box will suck u in. the second one is my fav!

  3. Sweet paint jobs Evan, don't think I could pick a favorite!
  4. Those are all nice. That casting stuff is fun isn't it? It looks like you came up with some solid body styles to cast too. Good stuff TRE.
  5. Cutt'em Jack

    Cutt'em Jack Musky Madman

    Nice work! I like the shad one the best.
  6. Wow, you are progressing quickly!
    Those are some real nice pattern's, I really like the Shad.

  7. Those are cool looking. I really like that last one with the black/red killdot with a pin stripe.
  8. Very nice paint job...Hard to choose but I too have to go along with the Shad...Very..Very Nice......Jim...
  9. Thanks for all the kind words guys!!The shad pattern started off as white scales on white with a white to blue chameleon over top and it looked pretty good but I wanted some more detail... and I just don't know when to stop cause it's so much fun! I really enjoy painting with the airbrush for those finer details and glad to be able to paint some of the patterns that the cans couldn't get. I appreciate all of the help, tips and tricks I have received through all of you guys whether directly or indirectly, but it definitely helped me achieve things I never thought were possible from the beginning. So THANKS!! :) Evan
  10. Wow those look great! Those will catch fish for sure!