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  1. the first bait was inspired by tigger when i read his post on the bluegill glider i tryed adding pieces of wood in the front of the bait to make it look 3d thanks tigger for posting some of your little secrets.the next to are for a guy in ny kinda same paint sceme just different baits.third is just out there .
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    Your baits are getting better all the time. I really like the color scheme on that 3rd one.
    I'm building a bunch now, trying for some suspending minnow baits. The weighting is tricky but I think I've got it.
    This lure making sure is a great way to kill the time in the winter.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. Great looking baits...Unbeliveable the talented guys out there..Going through the different posts, there are a lot and I mean a lot of great hand made lures that are out there...if they catch fish is another story...but they sure catch the Fisherman's eye...GREAT JOB...C.L....:)
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