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I'll be checking Tappan tomorrow and will post in the afternoon. Corey said that ramp was still open this morning on rt 250. I called Tappan park and the ramp and beach in the park were closed. I'll post tomorrow.
From Muskingum Watershed website:

More Launch Ramps Close

Water continues to rise at most lakes

Public boat launch ramps at several Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District lakes temporarily were closed Wednesday (June 16) as water levels continue to rise following recent rains in the region.

Ramps at Atwood Lake (at Atwood Lake Boats East and West), Leesville Lake (near Clow’s Marina and Petersburg Marina) and at Tappan Lake (ramps off Rt. 250 near the dam, near Tappan Marina and inside Tappan Lake Park) are closed until water recedes to an acceptable level. The ramp at Atwood Lake off Rt. 212 near the dam still was open Wednesday afternoon.

The ramps and swimming beaches at Charles Mill and Pleasant Hill lakes already were closed due to high water. Both of those lakes continued their rapid rise Wednesday, as Charles Mill Lake was at nearly 11 feet above normal depth readings and Pleasant Hill Lake was at nearly 6 feet above normal. The flood of record at Charles Mill Lake is 16.5 feet above normal and that occurred in January 1959.

Swimming beaches at Atwood and Tappan lake parks also have been closed.

Several dozen camping units at all five lakes also were relocated to areas of higher ground.

Rain has pounded the MWCD region since last weekend, producing large amounts of rainfall in brief periods of time. Saturated soils have been unable to contain the rainwater in many locations, adding to the runoff that eventually drains into the lakes.

Tappan Lake Park near Cadiz in Harrison County was hit with a strong flash flood Tuesday afternoon as several inches of water flowed throughout the park and campgrounds into Wednesday. Numerous camping units suffered water and mud damage, other camping units were relocated and staff is working to clean up debris and other problems associated with the floodwaters.

All of the marinas at the MWCD lakes - except Pleasant Hill Marina - remain open and marina staffs are assisting customers who want to check on and secure their boats. The MWCD is urging anyone who has a boat, dock or camping unit at any of its lakes to check on their condition as soon as possible.

Weather forecasts continue to predict rain in many locations throughout the region over the next few days.

The MWCD also is advising boaters who take to the lakes during high-water events to exercise extreme caution and first check the water conditions before boating. Floating debris such as logs, tree limbs and other items can pose hazards to navigation on the lakes.

Lakes and the reservoir areas in the MWCD system were designed and built to hold excessive runoff for protection of downstream locations in the Muskingum River Watershed. Since their construction in the 1930s, the MWCD lakes and dams are credited by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with preventing more than $2 billion in property damage and saving countless lives.

Lake depth readings are measured several times daily by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - which manages the dams on the MWCD lakes - and readings are posted on its website. Updated readings can be found through a link on the right side of this page.

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terrible, it's like that in many areas of the state..If this dont stop we could be in for some MAJOR flooding soon.
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