Some Hocking Co. shrooms

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sporty, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. sporty

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    Mom and Dad found these today - 76 of them!

  2. I'll be heading that way this weekend for turkey's. Really can't wait now!!!


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    Was out Saturday and Sunday in Licking County. Ground still a bit to dry, and the may apples were just popping. Hope for rain this week!
  4. Great find, I looked for awhile today, Zero licking Co. Let us know when you are going again so we (me) can follow you.
  5. littleking

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    ron, get a hold of me, 40 acres of elm trees behind my house
  6. ErieAngler

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    what is it with morrels and elm trees? and does it matter if its a white or red elm? whats the easiest way to distinguish a elm tree? those mushrooms look great!
  7. The dead elm are the ticket in finding good numbers of yellows and some grays. The dead elm are usually rather abundant. They are the result of the Dutch Elm Disease that wipes them out before they can fully mature. Just look for rough bark trees with the bark falling off or hanging loosely. Chances are it is an elm tree. The mushrooms won't necessarily be right next to tree but usually within maybe a 50 feet diameter. I don't hunt them anymore but I can remember many years ago finding 40-50 around a single large dead elm tree. Talk about the mother lode!!:eek: It got to the point that the only time I hunted them was later in the season and just by spot checking elms. It is much quicker that way.
  8. Sorry, the only thing I see is a pan full w/onions, browned in butter, & topped on to a steak. Eat the shrooms & onions & throw the steak away. :)

  9. Eric, I can be standing with them between my feet and not see them, but I try every year a couple of times, I will give you a call.