some cool jigs I found

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  1. I found these at a bait shop in Michigan. Since fish like stuff that looks like it has an eye and of course perch eyes , I bought 3 of them to try out. If they do good I may wish I knew someplace nearby to get more. They just look so cool that they atleast caught me even if they dont catch fish.

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    i was thinkin if the work good just take a normal lead head jig and put it on the grinder for a sec till its flat.. then drive up up tyo jo-ann fabrics and buy some eyes and glue on

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    I just saw a small kit of those at the Dicks in Garfield Hts. I think they're called tiger eyes or glass eyes, something like that. All they had was the larger sizes, no panfish size. The kit was around $10 for 10 or 12 jigs.
  5. yeah I suppose they wouldnt be too hard to make. might be kinda fun actually
  6. Having the hook's eye bent 90 degrees from the hook may give an interesting action.
  7. Im considering bending the hook eyes upward so they dont interfere with the hook gap. As they are I am thinking they might interfere with setting the hook especially with a really light bite. I cant wait to try 'em tho.