Some bird pics & 1 ID Needed...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CoolWater, Mar 16, 2008.

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    The feeders have been rather active the past few weeks and I've managed a few decent shots... here's a couple (lo rez versions for the sake of loading the page);

    Finally I got a White-Breasted Nuthatch shot. I've been getting them on the peanut feeder but having a terrible time photographing them.

    Here's a male Downy Woodpecker... or at least I think it's a downy - I can't tell the difference between the Hairy and Downy. For some reason I get the female far more often then the male so I was happy when this guy was so cooperative.

    With all the winter storms, the Cardinals looked real nice.

    Here's one that showed up during the height of the blizzard like conditions... was 'sparrow' sized... anyone know what it is?
  2. The one on the bottom is a Horned Lark. I've seen several out at Akron's Fulton Airport. COOL birds...

  3. CoolWater

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    Thanks for the ID Big Daddy... just googled that species and it's a dead on match. I'm a relatively new birder so it was exciting to see something 'different'.
  4. Now is a great time to go birding. LOTS of migrants going through this area. I saw a flock of over 200 Sandhill Cranes flying earlier this week. Lots of cool waterfowl around too.

    If you see any more cool birds, get the pix and post! I like the birding stuff!
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    Alright here goes a few more from the past few weeks...

    Weird looking duck, probably something common that I would know if I were a hunter.

    Actually, I think everything else is super common that I've shot... do have a cool red bellied woodpecker coming around but he's camera shy.
  6. The duck is a Lesser Scaup...
  7. Fishman

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    It's a lesser scaup, also known as a bluebill :)
  8. Coolwater... that looks like a horned lark to me. Great pic!
  9. I think the woodpecker is a Downy... I think they are smaller than Hairy's... We get the smaller ones all the time at our suet feeder, and the size looks right compared to the size of the feeder... They look almost exactly alike though...
  10. Also, just to let you know, I'm comparing your pix to the ones in my field guide. I know a little about bird ID's but am a long way from great at it.

    A good field guide helps A LOT!!! ;) :D
  11. great pics!! also great response on id....keep them coming!!!
  12. I was coming home from Piedmont today up rt 800. In Stillwater the fields are all flooded and loaded with ducks. In one field next right next to the road there was a drake and hen woodduck, three PRIME drake redheads, a bunch of ringnecks and, get this, a drake canvasback. Man was it neat to see the redheads and the canvasback. I locked up the brakes turned around and pulled off the road. Got to watch them for about 5 mins. before they swam off.
  13. Spring is close....
    Red-winged Blackbirds have been back for a few weeks...
    Golden Finches are starting to get their summer colors...
    Seeing many large flocks of Canada Geese...
    The Cow Birds & Killdeers have returned...

    And also the bad... The Starlings & Grackles have returned....

    Hey Coolwater - if you ever need some great advise, go to Wild Birds Unlimited on Rt. 250 right before the Sandusky Mall. The people there are an excellent source of information and the friendliest too...