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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Toxic, Feb 2, 2008.

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    I have been in a bit of a slump lately, health wise. I noticed last Dec. that I wasn't seeing correctly out of my right eye. And it is causing some horrendous headaches. I went for a doc. visit and he sent me to a specialist in Boardman. Several test and guesses later, I had to go to Cleveland Clinic. The neuro-ophthalmologist thought I had a small stroke in my eye. I had to have a spinal tap Wed. morning along with some more blood work. The blood work was okay, it showed no stroke. But my spinal fluid was elevated. Which he explained that means I have excessive cerebral fluid on my brain. He prescribed some meds and if they do not lower it, surgery is the only option. The spinal tap was a kick in the butt. It has put me down for three days so far.

    Has anyone has something similar to this? What was the outcome. Did your sight come back? How long does it take to recover from a spinal tap? The spinal headache is killing me.
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    jess- sorry to hear that bud- prayers and get well wishes sent to you- like i said before, if you need anything dont hesitate to let me know or give me a call- 412-335-5933(cell). Hope all goes well and your back out on the water ready for another great year.

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    Toxic, very sorry to hear you are having problems. Especially of this nature. I cannot speak to your spinal tap issues but i can offer this. I'm 46 years old and have had 2 strokes and probably 50 or more TIA's. 1st stroke was when I was 32, 2nd about 6 years ago. I attribute them to maritial stress.:p Each and every time it affected my right side severely and the most prolonged impact was on my right eye. My right eye also, always, is my first indicator of the onset of a stroke/TIA. After the stroke/TIA's the visual sensation in my eye is like I'm looking through a glass of water. It usually lasts no more than a couple days but it is evident every time.
    I have learned to manage my TIA's and I'm done with the strokes. They were severe, frightning, and they overall sucked! No more of this crap for me. I can't explain how on a post but if your problems persist and you need to sit down and talk let me know. It often helps to talk to those that understand the goofy symptoms. This isn't happening to me again, ever, and I hope it doesn't happen to you.
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    Hey Toxic;
    I had the same thing happen with my right eye a unbelievable headaches that felt like they were right behind my eye in the sinus. I suffered for 2 weeks, then went to doctor. He thought it may have been a stroke due to my eyelid drooping. He had me get an MRI and they found a spot on the left side of my brain. He thought it was stroke damage and sent me to a neurologist. After he looked, he said no stroke but was a brain injury from probably years ago. It caused what is called a cluster headache. There were several medications that help, but breathing oxygen for 10 min. at a rate of 7 lpm would make the headache subside. The cluster headaches will last from weeks to a couple of months and then go away. They may or may not come back. Here is a link for info about cluster headaches. FEATURES
  5. toxic, even if i do disagree in what we are discussing in the other thread . i am sorry to hear about this. that spinal tap must of felt smart. i have nothing but well wishes in your journey ahead.
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    Thats a rough one. Man the spinal alone is scary. At least you went to the right place. I have seen some miracles come from the cleve clinic. Hope you get better soon.
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    Thanks buddy, I'm not mad at ya. I'm not like that. Just see it from a different perspective.
  8. i'm trying friend. i'm trying lol
  9. Toxic, Prayers are coming your way. Yeah spinal taps can be a pain Ive never had one but my sister has and she said it was one of the worst thing she has felt.

    Coolerz, You are a class act, To be able to passionately debate your point in one thread and offer your support in the next you are a true gentleman.
  10. Bigun, i thank you for them kind words my friend. you do not know how much that means to me.:)
  11. Toxic- Sorry your going through a rough time. I have ties to the Cleveland Clinic- if you need any recommendations, specific information on a certain Doctor, or questions regarding direction, let me know. I myself had a CT scan done from prolonged pounding headaches, so that much I understand. I have stories I can tell. Keep your head up, keep your faith, and it will work itself out.

    You gotta keep that gas going:S :eek:
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    jess, im saddened to hear this. i hope all turns out for the best. your going to the clinic is a HUGE step in recovery. my brother works at the clinic and if you need anything, let me know and i will contact him. get well very soon buddy. AND KEEP POSITIVE!!!
  13. Toxic sorry to hear news,will keep you in thoughts. Cleveland Clinic is top notch. Hang in there!!
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    First off let me say thanks to all those kind words everyone had to say. Yesterday I finally went back to work and actually felt kind of decent. It feels like the medication is working a bit. I am starting to see things again in my right eye. It is only a slight difference, but it is a difference. The doc explained how the the surgery takes place ans it does not sound like it is fun. So I am counting on this medication big time. Basically he cuts the corner of my eye, moves my eyeball to the side and inserts a long needle to the back of my eye socket and it will act as a valve to release the pressure of my brain. Sounds like a riot. I'll find out more on my next visit on the 14th.
  15. :eek: cut eye. move to the side. put needle in permanently? why do doctors tell someone step by step what they are going to do. i guess i would want to know but i wouldn't want to know also if that make sense. that would scare the snot out of me. i watch to much tv i good luck dude hope the meds do it for ya and prayer have been sent.
  16. Just letting everyone know Toxic goes in for that operation tomorrow 2/20. So everyone wish him luck.

    Sorry I can't take you up to the hospital. Hope your wife made it home safely. I have Fri off this week if you need anything.

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    good luck jess.
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    Prayers for you right now.
  19. Prayers sent your way, Toxic. Hope everything works out and you get some relief.
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    Prayers sent, keep your head up! It will all work out.---