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August 9th. I picked up my grandson around 07:45 and headed for the West side of Cincinnati to launch the boat. We got the boat in the river around 08:20 and headed down river. I tried to net some shad, but had no luck. I had spotted a friend that was fishing in the area, he wave us up to his boat. Then he gave us a load of shad that he had netted, so we thanked him for now we had fresh bait.

Anchored up at the terminal 09:10, but they were not loading anything as we had hoped. My grandson had a hard tap shortly after we had our lines in the water. Then at 09:45 he had a small catfish on the line, it slipped off just as it was at the side of the boat. Then he had another 2 bites, all on the fresh shad. I thought we were going to catch a lot of fish.

The forecast had called for sunny but cool temperatures, as it turned out it got very hot. We were glad whenever the sun was blocked by a cloud. At 1050, I had a bite on small hot sausage. As I was baiting up my dead line rig my bobber went under, l pulled back but missed it. I re-baited with a small hot sausage then I watched it and once again it got taken under. This time I hooked the catfish. My first catfish in my boat this season! It was on the small side. The blue cat was only 3.75 lbs, and 23 inches. My grandson took 2 photos o f it for me since my camera was not working. Then the catfish was returned to the river to fight another day.

We move the boat from one end of the terminal to the other, marked fish but only had two more bit. The fish did not hit the seasoned shrimp, chicken breast or cut thawed skipjack. We called it a day at 12:45 and headed back to the ramp. We finally had some action, and I caught a fish! When we got the boat on the trailer my grandson checked his phone and said the heat index was 92. So this was a lot better than the last three trips we had this summer.
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