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    In the PI post some guys mention a slow bite yesterday on various bodies of water in two different states. The solunar calendar in Ohio G&F mag shows this weekend being poor fishing. Does anyone use these calendars seriously? I never paid much attention to them, should I start doing so?
  2. i fish when i can fish, alot going on in life to try to fish on days some calander says is going to be good. plus you have to have bad days to know what good ones are. my .02

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    Bronzeback is dead on!! I'll add that I do pay attention to the GPS activity tables and try to be in a "good" spot when that hour arrives. It doesn't always work but you will see more activity from the Gulls and other animals.
    It's an "edge" if there is such a thing. As far as there being good days well some are better some are worse but they gotta eat sometime. I don't know how long it takes a fish to digest a meal and need more but I would imagine that the cooler the water the slower the metabolism which would affect digestion. Marine Biologist please feel free to jump in here!!
  4. i was ice fishing and had a very slow start---at 2 pm all the gills turned on and we caught fish for about an hour----when i got home i checked the tables and found it was a minor feeding period at 2pm----in saltwater , the tides play a huge roll in when you fish---

    it might be all connected but

    like bronzeback said-----"i fish when i can fish"