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  1. If you're familiar with Anglers bait shop in Englewood, they now have Softcraws for sale. $8.99 per dozen. They are located: 516 S. Main St. Englewood, 45322. Phone: 836-2248.

    A little to expensive for my taste. You can turn over a rock anywhere and get one yourself. You can't beat the results though, the Smallies lovem.;)

    Thought someone might make use of the info...
  2. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    I know you've already said it, but it is way cheaper to just pick your own

  3. Does anyone have any easy ticks used to catch craws?

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  4. Flip rocks, then be quick like Mr. Miagi, actually take a large minnow net, don't just pull rocks up, turn them to one side while you hold the net on the other, then "scare em" into the net.
  5. Last year, I watched a fellow gather up a few dozen crawfish. He said he placed them in a tray of warm water with a black light over it. He said they'd molt within a couple days. Bam! Instant soft crawls. I don't own a black light and haven't tried it. I'd be interested in getting the tip validated.

  6. I have heard all this talk for years about using them as bait and never seen anyone use them. How are they rigged, how do you hook them? what size hook, sinker or not, bobber or bottom fished...?
  7. i always hooked them up through there tail like the soft plastic ones, soft craws are very good bait for just about anything, thats the only problem with them, its hard to specifically target one species of fish since ull catch anything on them, ive always went out on a full moon to the GMR and catch mine when there in molt and use them the next morning.
  8. Go along a river, creek or any body of H2O that has crawdads during the night and use a light and a long handled bait net and catch them by the bucket full.
  9. Had a large carp (7# plus) hit a rebel craw today on the GMR......snapped off with the lure in its mouth as i tried to pull it up on the bank.....if you see it floating by the stewart st. bridge....let me know!
  10. I always hooks them through the tail and will take the pinchers off the big ones. If you want to catch big smallies and a bunch of other stuff inbetween the I recommend them. I usually cast them with just a hook or a split shot about 12 inches up if theres faster current. The only other live bait I like better is Helgamites, those nasty little boogers really catch the fish.
  11. I used to hook 'em through the tail on a carolina rig for the river. The advantage is they can move around to draw attention. The disadvantage is they can crawl under a rock and hide. It worked well for me.

    I don't know about the black light trick, but I don't think you'd get them to live more than a day or two. My kid brings them home all the time and they always die the next day. Speaking of him, he gets them with a minnow net. I used to just grab them from behind. They can't see behind them and they swim backwards. Get one hand ready behind them and spook them with the other. They'll swim right into your hand. Takes practice, but I'm sure a net makes it alot easier.
  12. You can keep them for weeks in a cool (40-60f) place.
  13. "You can keep them for weeks in a cool (40-60f) place."

    ...Interesting. Although I can't think of such a place in the summertime. Refrigerator is colder than that and basement is warmer.
  14. I was fishing next to a guy last summer, both of us were fishing for Smallies. He was using live Craws and I was not. I cought a few dinks.:mad: He only used three craws that he just scooped out of the river and nailed three 15" or bigger Smallies back to back. I like the challange of using articical baits, but for that kind of success I am not apossed at all.:p

  15. Right now you can get away with a cool place on the floor of your garage or an old fridge works great for anything! If you are using the fridge put the dads in a breathable container with wet newspaper and some moss.
  16. I've found they're tough to keep on a hook. They make special safety pin like hooks for them but I've never tried.

    We used to catch them by having one person stand downstream in a riffle with an old aluminum window screen held against the bottom while the other person flips rocks a few feet upstream. The aluminum screen is stiff enough you can feel them hit and they grab onto it with their legs. Easy to pluck them off too.
  17. I understand hooking them in the tail...does your point face up? What size hook & style...baithook size 3?
  18. Don't know what side of Ohio you are in but we have soft craws as well. Our "river" craws start at 6.50/dozen up to 7.50/dozen for the big ones.

    We are located in Westerville, Ohio. 614-882-4581
  19. I like using a #2 to 1/0 circle hook point up.....
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    i had a crawdad in a tank for about 9 months he died when he molted the 3rd time (i think my oscar had something to do with it) but he lived a long time in a 10 gallon tank witha hanging fish filter and a heater.

    he would eat fish flakes and minnows he was a kool little pet!!!