Sodus Bay, New York Feb 2008

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    Here are a few of the 47 Jack Perch I caught this last weekend at Sodus Bay, NY. The Fishing was incredible! I couldn't even keep 2 rods in the water! I did catch a about 50 smaller ones that got thrown back...but the 47 keepers were all around this size (10-12 inches) with the exception of two 13 1/2" and one 15". I ran out tip-ups for pike but didn't have any takers. I was fishing in 12 FOW with minnies, til I ran out...then I resorted to the days of yore and used the eyes from the perch I caught. The 3 larger fish were all caught on the eyeballs! I'm hoping that the ice holds out for a few more weeks cause I am thinking about heading back up there. Not to shabby for 5 hours fishing!

    "Good luck and Good Fishing"!

  2. Looks like someone will be eatin fish sandwiches! Nice job guy!:B

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    Where is this place located in New York? Definitely looks like it was worth the trip up there. Nice Job and happy eating.!!!!
  4. I used to fish open water up there for salmon/browns a few years back... I always heard how AWESOME the ice fishing was.

    Nice perch!!!
  5. Sodus Bay is located about 40 mi. East of Rochester OR 40 mi. West of Syracuse right on the shore of Lake Ontario. I grew up near there and have fished the Bay all my life. It's best known for the Trout fishing...But to the Locals, Perch, Pike and Walleyes are the reasons for the seasons!
  6. A few years back when I was up there staying at Sodus Point Lodge, I saw a truck with Ohio plates on it. One of the guys said they were from Tallmadge.

    I was also talking with another guy who would hit the bay in late August and catch walleye after walleye on shadraps casted over the weeds...

    Great fishing town, that's for sure...
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    Cap'n Hook...... If a man's system was stuck on slow during this time of the year........ your pic of those perch just sent it from 0 to 60 in one short glance.....Man...... that's one quick reminder of some great trips to our own backyard lake, Mogadore.......... and of the amounts of these fansastic perch caught there............Glad you had a great trip to NY....Thanks much Jon Sr.
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    What's a jack perch? Males??? Those are some big perch for males if that's what you mean.
  9. Jack Perch is just another name for Jumbo Perch used in some areas / old school term.
  10. YES! Jack Perch is just another name for Jumbo Perch. It was a term my Grandfather used and it is still very common in the Upstate NY area. And much to my surprise...the largest fish I caught (15") was in fact a male! There were about 40% males in the entire catch, which I thought was quite a high number considering most larger perch that I have caught in the past were female.