SOCC Catfish tourney results

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  1. Had a great day for this one, temps in the high 40's at kickoff and a hot 75 degrees at weigh in. Water was around 62 degrees. Clear and as low as it gets on the GMR in West Carrolton. Yup, tough conditions with no current.

    The team of Brian Lin and Mark Blauvelt ( Fishdealer & Salmonid) brought in a 4 fish limit and took both Big Fish and overall weight with 18.8 lbs


    Team Mellon ( Bryan and his dad Phil) brought 3 fish weighing 13.4 lbs


    Team of Mike Davis and Matt Mckinney (Dinkbuster and RealRiverking) brought up the rear with 1 fish weighing 3.6 lbs

    Brian Lin with his nice 8.4 lb BIG FISH

    Brian also managed to win the 50/50 raffle so Congrats to everyone and a big Thank You for those attending to help the Club make a few bucks!

    Mark your calendars for our last tourney this year, November 15th, 8-3 PM at the West Carrolton Ramp on the GMR

    President, Southwest Ohio Catfish Club
  2. it certainly was a beautiful day, nice to meet a new member as well! (fishdealer). very tough conditions with the clear/low water though, especially tough for Matt and I without an outboard. motor stopped pumping water right after the launch so i had to use the trolling motor. the worst though was me destroying my trailer at the upper ramp when it got stuck on the bottom lip of the ramp. oh yeah, lost an anchor later on too!:( a special thanks to H20 Mellon for trailering both my boat and trailer remnants home! :)


  3. Thanks for inviting me to fish with you Dink, had a good time..Sorry about all the bad luck you had man, really sucks about your trailer man. Fishing sure was tough yesterday, I was glad to get out though..See all of you at the next tourney. I think ima have to break the old Bomber out for the next tournament.
  4. Definitley had a good time. Got to meet 3 new guys from OGF there and that was sweet, and I got to catch some fish. Had a great time. Hopefully some more people will make it out to the November tourney.

    Dink- just wasn't your day yesterday, I feel for ya.

    Mark- thanks for letting me tag along in your boat, maybe I will get one here soon.
  5. monsterKAT11

    monsterKAT11 Team Fatty

    wish i could have made it guys! next one!
  6. heres why my motor quit pumping water.....impeller (water pump) was shot! a blessing in disguise IMO, it could have quit while going full blast up the river and locked up the motor! this is the reason i launched at the upper ramp.......replacing a motor vs replacing a trailer? WAY cheaper to replace a trailer.
  7. Is there a good place here or elsewhere to view upcoming tournaments and dates? Nice fish fellas.
  8. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    We're just having one in Nov to again help just start the club. I think about $60 was raised for the club from the tourney and 50/50 last time. After the Nov tourney we'll prob have the website up and running. Next year's tourneys will start in April if I remember correctly.

    Dink man, that just wasnt your day: lost your motor, lost your trailer and lost an anchor. It can only go up from there, right? :)