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So what is everybody's go to Stogie these days?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mkalink, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. I myself enjoy a few while on the lake. The Nub Maduro by Oliva is a tasty one that goes great perching. I also enjoy the Gurkha Seduction for the long boat ride back from Peele or the weather bouy. After the fish are cleaned a nice little Oliva series V melanio goes great with an ice cold Budlight. Of course any Padron will fit all situations.
  2. samfishdyt

    samfishdyt FISH

    Go to is the Camacho Connecticut Churchill, but my favorite is the Romeo y Julieta Reserva Churchill. So much flavor...yummm

  3. Great topic, I will be following closely. I Just recently discovered cigars, some of my favorites so far have been a Nat Sherman, and a Baccarat. Got a couple Nubs I think I'll try out this weekend.
  4. Winston Close as I come to
  5. No cigars and roll my own cigarettes for 80¢/pack.You guys got too much money:D
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  6. I love the cheap backwoods sweet aroma! !!
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  7. I luv the smell. Do u guys inhale? Or is it just for taste
  8. Been smoking A cigar called Brickhouse. I have also found that my does a better job of cutting then one of those fancy cigar cutters.
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  9. Chocolate or bubblegum are my cigars of choice. I grew up with my old man smoking RG Dunn or White Owls. Man did they stink up a car.
  10. bobk


    Acid's are a good smoke.
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  11. Acid 1400cc or deep dish
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  12. Saugeye Tom

    Saugeye Tom fastwata, give him the cash back FAST

  13. G.lock


    Aurturo Fuentes double chateau, madero wrapper.
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  14. Umm,black n milds. Plastic or filtered tip.
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  15. I remember trying to smoke swisher sweets and phillies,ewwwwww...
  16. Used to enjoy Macanudo Hyde Park for many years. Gave up on cigars after struggling to find control over my humidor, was either to dry and they cracked or too moist and they got moldy. Then after using one of these for coffee storage, I thought what if.......check it out:

    I have many friends who have switched to this now, easy to control and monitor.

    Anywho, gave up on the Macanudos, I think their quality went down hill, had lots of "plugged" cigars. Have been enjoying a recent find, Gran Habano, nice smoke for $2.50. You can find nice bundles on Cigar International.

    I don't inhale, it is an expensive hobby, however I may only have one to three a month, usually while golfing, or with a nice bourbon on the patio.

    Also like Tabak, Caio, Isla Del Sol, mild to medium smoke,lots of good affordable cigars out there. A good indication of quality will be how even the burn is, how well it holds an ash, draw. I use a "V" cutter, puts a nice trough through the cigar.

    BTW, I remember Swisher and Phillies, yuk. If you've ever had an interest give a good smoke a try, read reviews.
  17. I roll my own also. It's the only way to go now days.
  18. Marsh Wheeling or Parodi with a nice glass of Wild Irish Rose
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  19. My grandfather chewed and smoked both Marsh Wheelings and Parodi's. He stunk up the whole house with those. I bought him some Cubans when I was out of the country and all he did was chew on them. I never bought him a good cigar again.