So thinking about purchasing my first fishing boat....

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  1. Been looking at a 2018 Lund Rebel XS SS 1650. 60hp merc. I haven’t really branched out to other dealers to see what else is out there since this is 5 minutes from home. I am looking for something that can fit in my garage for the winter as well as a light weight package. My tow vehicle is a 14 Frontier crew cab 4x4. I figure this will come in about 2250 loaded with gear and a full tank of gas. I am also looking to outfit it with a minn Kota power drive 70 s 24v and a helix 7 or 9 undecided there. Looking to stay about $25k all said and done.

    How do you like your Lund or are there other comparable units I should look at?

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  2. My bro in law has a rebel 1650 with a 60hp merc, it’s a great boat but it’s slightly underpowered at 60. It has trouble planing with more than 2 people on board so I would recommend max hp (I believe 75 max). Other than that it’s an awesome boat. I have a Lund impact 1675 and very happy with it, it’s wider and has much more storage than the rebel but it’s more $. Can’t go wrong with either boat imo.

  3. By all means compare with other boats. Alumacraft, crestliner, Lowe all worth a look.
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  4. Ive had boats all my life and have never bought new.There are some great deals in the fall out there.People don't want to pay for them in storage or make a boat payment in winter.Just take your time and look around and be able to pull the trigger when you find one.Good deals don't last very long.Just my 2 cents
  5. Spring is not the time to buy a boat.
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  6. G.lock


    I've had more problems with dealers than boats, shop for the best dealer.
    I agree with lake boat, you can find a good lightly used boat.
    More horsepower!
  7. are you planning to fish erie, ? if all you fish is inland water its good. that 60 on that 16 ftr is fine inland but ya may need more hp on the big pond, I can say this because I have a 16.9 crestliner Nordic.. with a 90 merc and a 5 Nissan kicker and 15 gal main tank and 3 gal for kicker. I have to pick my days but if it gets bad out there 3 s and 4s I take a beating but I can get on plane on good water in 7 secs and hit 39 mph .. you don't get to run wot very much but I'm not doggin my way with the nose in the air pushing a big wake . now I'm not sayin ya want a spastic little boat like mine but try and find one that has power and comfy , my one bud had an 18 ftr with a 50 and slow was the word. don't just settle for something get the ride ya want ...

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  8. I agree with Lake Boat, I've owned boats for over 30 years, first boat was new, then realized how much more of a boat I could have bought for the same money had I looked for used. There are a lot of good deals out there, people are always selling for one reason or another, moving, divorce etc, etc.
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  9. Morning guys - Thanks for the responses. Erie is definitely not my bag I prefer the inland lakes. I will really only have 2 people on the boat and maybe my dog or wife at times. I really want to stay below 3000 lbs the added benefit to the Lund example is that it will fit in the garage for winter storage. Not a deal breaker if it doesn't but it would be nice not to have to screw with wrapping the boat and paying for storage. Garage is also heated.

    I haven't fished seriously in years. I'm from Missouri and did a lot of small streams and rivers mainly wading and fly fishing. Ohio lacks a bit in the small stream department and if you really want to fish the lakes a boat is part of the equation (well if you want to enjoy it).

    I agree that spring is not the best time to buy but the second half of this venture is to spend some quality time with my son before he goes to college in two years so if that means I pay a bit of a premium so be it (within reason of course).
  10. It's not necessarily about buying more boat for the same money (for me). If I can find a used boat that fits the constraints of what I am looking for great, so far I haven't. At least not one that saved a substantial amount without being 20+ years old.
  11. some of those older boats were built much better and heavier metal than there newer cousions.
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  12. Yes by all means, we cannot put a price on spending time with family, I have 3 boys myself and the older two have fished Erie with me in the past but now have busy lives of their own, and do not get to go anymore and I do cherish the fishing and hunting with my youngest because I know what is coming.
  13. Open to suggestions...
  14. Just saying I’m familiar with the boat, it will not get on plane with 60 hp and 3 adults without shifting weight to bow, once on plane it runs 33-36. The boat has been re-propped for performance.
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  15. My son and I went together on a Crestliner.We went from the 25hp that came on it to a 9.9 because we mostly fish inland 9.9 lakes.Not fast by any means but great to fish out of.Ravenna Marine treated us well
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  16. I'm on my 4th boat. had new and used. The trailer is as important as the boat if going used. ask about bearing maintenance on the trailer and check the wiring on the boat and make sure it's sound. also check the anodes of the motor if the boat is aluminum. Anodes are sacrificial anodes to prevent corrosion of the motor.
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  17. Also.... if you are buying new, spend some time thinking about how you want it rigged. Be extreamly specific with the dealer. The first time I bought one I found out their idea of how it should be rigged was a long way from my ideas. Details on how you want it wired, transducer placement, VHF and antenna placement fish finder, on and on. Don't leave all that to chance.
  18. "Because Bass are fast fish!" Scorpion-377-Stroker-Bass-Boat_720.jpg
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  19. I second the idea of buying used. I just recently picked up a 2010 Pro-V 16 with 50hp Merc fully rigged for under $10k. Since this is your first boat, you will find that you don't really know what you want/need yet. The beauty of buying used is that you don't take much of a hit if you decide to "trade up" in a year or two. Since you are fishing inland waters only, have you considered a bass boat style rig as opposed to the "multi-species" deep-v style? A bass boat (glass or tin) gives up something in rough water abilities, but is often more stable (in relatively calm water) while fishing and has larger raised casting areas fore and aft.
  20. I have a 2013 crestliner 1650 SC with a 2013 mercury 60hp I’m selling for 14k. I just don’t have the time to use it anymore.