So-so day on milton crappie

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  1. Probably caught near 50 kept about 1/2 that. Was so tired when I got home did not bother to body count. Caught most in early morning. Stayed most of day until about 4:40 pm. Hit the water about 720 am. Depth really varied all in 14 FOW. Some came as shallow as four foot others as deep as 13 foot.

    Best action came on silver plated and gold plated 1/16 oz jig heads on sliding bobbers.Varied depth all day and fish were not hitting hard at all. Tried chubby darters # 3 and small vibees but nothing on those at all.

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    Milton Crappies. I usually did good off the docks or down by the dam. Milton was one of my favorite lakes to fish. Be careful off the docks. There are crappie stealers in them waters (Muskies):) . If everything goes according to plan I will return to Ohio in December next year. I'm going to try to master Steelhead fishing. Nice catch!!